Prison, Prayer and Then the Miracles Found Me

Prison, Prayer and Then the Miracles Found Me

Gary is a good friend, someone I have known for years and it was Gary who introduced me to J. and told me a bit about him.The two of them recently came out to do some work around my home . When I heard J’s story, I asked him if he would share it with you.

Once J. began to speak, it became very difficult for him to relive parts of his experience. He is sharing now to give us hope and to offer an example of what prayer can do. Ask. We are all worthy regardless of how we may think of ourselves.  Ask for all manner of things with prayer and create by manifesting. First, you begin by asking.

Thank you, J. and Gary for bringing this story to us all. 

My name is J. and going on 40 years ago, I went to prison for a very serious crime that resulted in a life sentence. I spent over half my life in there. I didn’t pray, I didn’t do anything in there for a long time. Then came a time in my life when I prayed to God for myself and my sister who was homeless. I wanted to help her and to get help myself.

I had been in prison for well over 20 years and there were times when I lost hope but for the most part, I was continuing my prayers for a release and thinking of better days ahead.

One day my sister hitchhiked to the prison to see me. She was homeless at the time and it took a lot of effort to make that trip. When she was on the road hitchhiking back, a couple driving by pulled over to pick her up. They took the time to talk to her and then they decided not only to drive her back, but to pitch in and really help her. They stayed close to her and  got her back on her feet. They helped her find a place to live and how to use her social security and other programs to get by financially and have a better life. The three of them became good friends and they continued to help her get the things she needed. While still in prison, I helped her as well, whenever I could.

Sometime later, my sister told them my story and how I was hoping for parole. The husband was a lawyer in a big city firm and he went to work on my case without charge. The system is a nightmare and it took a long time for to move my case forward. The husband was there for my parole hearings and after years of effort, God and that kind couple got me out of prison for good.

Once I was released, it was through that same couple that I next met Gary – he is a good man that did occasional work for the couple. Gary is always busy doing home repairs and needed another person he could trust to help him with his business. Gary trusted me and gave me the chance I needed  and just in time.

I’m doing all right now. I have a car and driver’s license, a good place to live, and I have a more positive outlook on life. I thank God every day. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for God, my answered prayers and the efforts and trust of kind strangers.

I am amazed at how it all turned around, impossible as it seemed and I am grateful.

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