The Science of Gratitude – Yours

The Science of Gratitude – Yours

Now that Thanksgiving has recently passed, let’s ask ourselves the question, “Are we still being aware of all the good that is around us?” You may also ask yourself, “What is being grateful good for?”

I like what the reader Antoinette wrote in to say:
“I want to add something about gratefulness. Being grateful has been instrumental in changing my view of past experiences. Being grateful for a (seemingly) bad experience can change the vibration of it. It takes a bit of work sometimes, but there’s always a Silver Lining.”

Throughout the book, the point is made that gratitude is the magnifier of your positive thoughts. Your thoughts are creating form as you think it, as the book reveals. When you are manifesting with your thoughts alone, successes do happen, but with the addition of gratefulness, your thoughts become even more powerful.

A November 23, 2019 article in the NY Times by psychologist David DeSteno reported on what researchers have been learning about the positive aspects of gratitude. It has the intriguing title, Why Gratitude is Wasted on Thanksgiving and some of those findings are listed below.

Quoting: “Beyond the use of gratitude as a manifesting tool mentioned earlier, the researchers found a number of positive, everyday results that correlated with people simply being grateful.” 

Research by the psychologist Sara Algoe has shown that when we feel grateful for other people’s thoughtfulness, we consider that they might be worth getting to know a little better. Gratitude pushes us to take the first steps in forming relationships with new people.

When people in DeSteno’s experiments were given an opportunity to share money with strangers, they found that those feeling gratitude shared 12 percent more on average.

His research also found that gratitude also drives us to be more productive. Quoting from the article again: “The psychologists Adam Grant and Francesca Gino found that when bosses expressed gratitude for their workers’ efforts in a fund-raising department, the outreach efforts of those workers suddenly jumped by 33 percent. More frequent feelings of gratitude in the office are also tied to greater feelings of work satisfaction and well-being.”

There is an innate ‘goodness’ in gratitude and it is not only powerful in our here and now, but also in a future of our making, built with our thoughts. Oh, and one more important tip: Judy Goodman is quoted in Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3recommending that we name seven grateful things each day. Be grateful for the things in your present AND for past events as well. Gratitude clears the field, allowing more of the good to flow to you!

My wishes for the Happiest of Holidays and your Bright Future!!


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