A Better Relationship With My Daughter: An Impossible Dream

A Better Relationship With My Daughter: An Impossible Dream

Anna writes:
For some months now, I have been manifesting a better relationship with my daughter. I didn’t know how it could possibly happen and as it said in the Manifesting 123 book, you don’t always have to specify an exact outcome. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t limiting the possibilities, so simply stated, I was manifesting that a better relationship would just happen. We have been apart without any communication for many years now. I wish it were otherwise.

Yesterday was my granddaughter’ birthday. Yes, it has been so long, my daughter is now a mother. When I call to make Christmas or birthday wishes to them, there is never a callback. I decided that I won’t put her or me through that going forward. This estrangement has been very hard for me and it has been going on for many years now. I divorced my husband for good reasons and as is his way, he turned my young daughter against me and I have been unsuccessful in changing that. He told her things that were not true and my daughter believed them.

As a human and spiritual experience, it is what it is, and not a normal mother-daughter relationship. When my daughter was younger I was teaching, molding, and loving her as a mom. It was just as it should be and I was very happy in my role.

Once I began manifesting a better relationship, I was gradually feeling better. I had a sense that things were shifting and I was getting a bigger view with more insights and wisdom. I felt I didn’t need to make those phone calls any more, expecting a callback. I was in a different, more positive place with this. The manifesting I was doing everyday seemed to make me more comfortable from within.

I was watching a show on TV when someone suddenly said, “Stop the guilt.” The show was about redemption and it was just what I needed to hear. It was a very helpful moment. I am not perfect, but I am very comfortable in knowing that this situation was not created entirely by me and I did not deserve it. It was interesting that that singular comment had such an outsized impact on me.

I was heartened by this and I continued to manifest that better relationship. Even though we were still not talking, I was feeling better about this somehow.

A couple of weeks later I had a dream where I was walking across a bridge with my daughter during a torrential rain storm. There was a lot of water flowing under the bridge. “Don’t get to close to the rail,” I said, looking down at the water flow. I turned and saw her just as she dropped into the cold water.

In the dream I had an adrenaline rush and dove in to save her. She popped up on the other side of the bridge so I swam to her and grabbed her by the back of the neck. She now appeared as a little baby and I rescued her.

The dream was instructive and liberating because I experienced literially pulling her out by the neck and saving her. It felt good being with my daughter in the role of the loving and caring mother that I am. I was a good mom I did well to get her a private education and prepare her for college. In he dream, she didn’t drown and I was a part of saving her.

This dream helped me to resolve this great heartache. Once I started purposely manifesting a good solution to our relationship, I was guided to feeling gradually better about our estrangement. The dream provided me a clear vision and the relief I needed so much.

I am OK now. I would have never scripted this…. It just happened somehow. It’s impossible that as a loving mom I could feel OK with the great distance between us, but now I can. My relief and understanding came in gradually. The dream was a big help.

This has been a remarkable outcome, one I would never have thought of. I have learned so much, too many things to go into here but I am well and whole for the asking and by manifesting it.
Anna didn’t limit how a better relationship with her daughter could possibly manifest.
As it turns out, the best solution was brought to her with a couple of gentle prompts. Her daughter would not bridge the gap but another solution was found. As a mother, Anna still can love her daughter, but Anna is free of guilt and doubt. She gained wisdom and now she is emotionally unburdened. She can move forward. She is happier than before, without guilt or ill-will. Anna is free.

When we consistently manifest, we are creating change. Like stacking bricks, we are building with our thoughts literally. The book explains how this actually takes place – empowering information.

Anything is possible and sometimes the change comes in gently, amazingly and many times, better than you could have imagined.

Thank you, Anna for sharing this important story.
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