Daughter and I Manifesting Fast with a Cherry on Top!

Daughter and I Manifesting Fast with a Cherry on Top!

Patrice writes:
My 19 year old daughter just moved back home last December. She had been away at college and she graduated with her Associate Degree in Computer Engineering. I am so incredibly proud of her and happy to have her back home.

The job market can be tough at times and my daughter was running into a wall. She applied to a lot of jobs and was getting frustrated because most of the ones that called her back were low lever canvassing and telemarketing positions.

I recommended that she stop feeling desperate and vocalizing those thoughts. We talked about Manifesting 123 and developed a plan. This book has been very successful for me and my younger girls and for the first time I introduced the idea to my oldest. We were going to put manifesting to work! We clearly get that our thoughts create form and events, so we had the confidence to make our ‘Movie” and go forward.

I explained that she should visualize a scene in her future where she was hired for a particular job, the operational position she just applied for. It was the good fit for her.

So the next morning I went to work while my daughter #1, continued her job searches and #2, took the time to manifest a future where she landed that operational job.

During my work lunch break that day, I was manifesting a future where I have an additional income or equivalent to help with the rent, thank you. I didn’t say how it would have to happen, only that my rent wasn’t a big burden. We both were clear about adding gratitude after each of these scenes in our movies.

Three hours after my lunch break my daughter called, “Mom I got the position and it starts next week! The she told me that she would like to contribute towards the rent.

I thought that was line manifesting via FedEx! LOL

When I arrived home, my daughter had more good news. She said she had received a call from Dell computers for a 2nd interview. She is in a great place either way.

In 24 hours she went from crummy job offers to caviar!

Thanks to you for the book. Health wealth and success to you.


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Ken Elliott


  1. Terry Snow Says: February 28, 2017 at 8:15 am

    What a beautiful story. Manifesting 123, it works. It really works!

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