After Asking, Remarkable Outcomes Followed

After Asking, Remarkable Outcomes Followed

How many times have we asked for, or manifested outcomes that have exceeded our ideas or came to us in a form we would have never expected? Our thoughts and prayers are powerful, real things. Thank you C. for sharing your remarkable experience.

C. writes:
I had been concerned about a relationship I had been in for some time and decided to ask my pastor about it. He recommended that we meet in front of the church altar and say a prayer for a good outcome. This felt a bit formal and uncomfortable to me but I really was looking for answers, so I agreed. There were also some concerns I was holding for the pastor regarding his personal life, but more on that later.

A bit of time passed and my relationship had not improved despite my best efforts, so after calling the pastor a second time, I was with him again, before the altar in prayer. During those moments, I acted on my concerns for the pastor and visualized a column of pure light coming down to him from above, something like Grace and it would be the perfect thing for him.

The following week, the most unusual things began to happen to me, things I had never experienced before. I received three messages of high clarity, each about 2 days apart and they were all very important.

The first “clarity,” as I like to call them, came in the form of letters on a dark wall I was gazing at. The letters didn’t spell out words as we would know them, and some of them looked a bit like symbols, but regardless, when I looked at those letters I clearly understood their meaning to trust in God. It said, “In His time and in His way.“ That was a very profound message but looking back at that now, I have to chide and laugh at myself. Since I was praying to God, I fully expected God to reply back but instead someone else, perhaps an angelic personage replied. At the time, I could see the written symbols so clearly it confirmed to me that the words were exactly right. I had asked for help and I was given reassuring words in a miraculous way, but at the time I was a bit disappointed that the information came to me ‘second-hand’ rather than from God Himself. Ouch for that, but now I am fully grateful and in awe of how the message was delivered.

Days later a second event came over me suddenly and I instantly knew that it was about my relationship. I can only describe it as a cry from the heart. It was a powerful feeling, very direct and it touched the core of me. I clearly knew that the pain I was feeling was not only mine but also that of my partner. It was important for me to know he was in the same pain but I also had the certain knowledge that he was manipulating me. Knowing this, I was able to gently leave the relationship without looking back. What a big relief that was.

Back to my pastor. Sometimes in his sermons, he would express dark thoughts and that had created my concern for him. Apparently, it was the trigger for my third clarity in yet another form. I had a vision in the form of a vignette or small movie. My pastor was standing in dim light on the edge of a dangerous Darkness. I knew without a doubt that he wanted to step off into it. I saw a deadened place without light, sound or feeling. It was a complete void without the presence of God. I sensed that he wanted to give up and just step off, but he saw me and turned away from the awful void and turned back to what I knew to be his present life. He had decided to live and at that moment, I knew this was clearly a message to give to him.

It was three months before I saw him at church again. He was giving a sermon and he talked about riding his motorcycle and how he had the idea of getting his speed up to 65 mph and then laying his bike down in the highway, a suicidal urge. I made a number of attempts to meet up with him, but he was always too busy.

Nine months later, I finally got some time with him. During our conversation he was detached but I pressed on. I told him that I didn’t always agree with him, but that I felt he was a real connection to God for me. I continued and told him about my vision with him on the precipice. He listened carefully and said, “Perhaps my dark period is over.”

As the two ‘clarities’ were for me, I feel hopeful that my pastor was given the exact assurances he needed. Yes, my prayers resulted in help for me, but also for both my former partner and the pastor in need. It all happened in a way that I would never have thought of and I was further directed to act, gently helping them as well. I am still amazed and grateful at how the information was imparted to me as well as the clarity of it. My simple and earnest prayers were heard and acted upon and I am very grateful.

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