That’s a Lot of Money but I Made it Happen Anyway!

That’s a Lot of Money but I Made it Happen Anyway!

There was training session coming up that I was very interested in. It was expensive, $3000, but it would be important for the work I do and I could provide new services for my clients and increase my income.

I was set on doing the training but this large amount was going to have to come from somewhere and pretty quick. The registration deadline was coming up soon, so I said, “Alright Universe, bring me the $3000.” That being done, I began to make some moves myself and not just sit around.

I decided to call the person in charge of the training sessions and asked if I could pay $1500 over time and $1500 before the class. After a moment, the trainer accepted my offer. Great, I am almost there!

There was another training class that was offered for an additional $1000. This increased knowledge would be good for my business as well as create a larger financial hurtle. I did have the $1000 on hand, but I was determined to manifest it from elsewhere instead.

Every day I kept my thoughts focused on the $2500 balance required for both training sessions. I was clear in knowing the money would come through, even though I didn’t know the when or how.

In a short time, I got a call from a conference organizer in Iowa inviting me to be a speaker and facilitator at their upcoming event. Not knowing exactly how it would turn out financially for me, I accepted. At the least, it would provide some additional income toward the training sessions I had signed up for. I went to Iowa where everything worked out beautifully and the timing was perfect. I made enough at their conference to cover that $2500!

The training was important to me and even though it seemed out of reach financially, I didn’t admit to it. I asked for help and did my part by negotiating payments and saying yes to the Iowa speaking opportunity. All worked out nicely. I still have a balance to pay back but it is within my budget to do so and with the new tools from my training sessions, I will have the additional income to make it happen even quicker.

Looking back, the money was never a problem because I didn’t think of it that way.

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