Can Manifesting Get Me out of Debt?

Can Manifesting Get Me out of Debt?

I have been in a financial hold ever since my fiancé died over 10 years ago. In the time after, I gradually ran up debt on three credit cards and they have been maxed out for some time now.

The town I live in is a very small and I am able to live well here in a comfortable but not extravagant way. I have social security and I do some small freelancing works in my town for extra income and that helps, but it is not enough to pay off the credit cards.

Years before, I was always able to pay all of my bills and expenses on time but for the last few years I have been unable to bring the balances down. This credit card debt and interest charges have taken a toll on me. Lately, I have been losing sleep and having panic attacks of enough seriousness to schedule a visit with a doctor but to no avail.

In better times three years ago, I loaned a friend thousands of dollars and ever since then, my friend has been unable to repay me, despite our written agreements on the loan as promissory notes.

Lately, I have been manifesting intently and from time to time, I have mentioned this to Ken and asked him get behind my intentions to help and alleviate this debt crisis.

Finally, and gratefully, I got THE call from my friend, telling me that she just sold her house and she can pay me back from the proceeds. In a short time, she will reimburse me in full and I can completely eliminate that credit card burden.

I focused on the problem and visualized a future time, seeing that the debt was paid. Further, I went to the extra step of asking others to help with their prayers and visualizations on my behalf. This was a great manifesting outcome for me and now I am visualizing my new home, a sustainable design on the perfect lot.

Things are looking up!


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