Just Ask, The 1st Book for Mike / Reprise

Just Ask, The 1st Book for Mike / Reprise

Years ago, the new book, Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3 had not yet been released – it had to be picked up from the printer first.

I backed my SUV up to the printer’s loading dock and Mike was there to hand me the first batch of printed books, all in their boxes. “Would you open up one of the boxes so I could see how they look?” I asked.

It was Mike that got the first look and when he saw the title, he told me that he knows about manifesting and listens to people talk about it on the radio. He gave me the first book out of the box and we continued to talk. Mike was informed and curious about this new book.

I asked Mike what it is he is desires in his life, what would he want to manifest? Mike replied that he had been asking to manifest better things for his new family.

Guess what?
I signed the book and gave it right back to him. He got the first copy.

The book was very successful and in just a few weeks I was back for more from the printer. I asked for Mike so I could catch up with him but he wasn’t working there anymore. One of his co-workers told me that he got a new, better paying job some weeks ago. Nice manifesting for Mike and well done for the very first book right out of the box!

Just ask
Interesting things do happen!

This is basic. Ask and you shall receive, right? A lot of people don’t know what they would like in their lives, given the chance. So let’s start there. Think of what you desire… just for you and use the techniques in the book or listen to my interviews where all the information is made available to you. And don’t forget, you are so very worthy.

Go to the Interviews Page to see and hear Ken talking about Manifesting 123 and you don’t need #3. There is new information here and you won’t hear it anywhere else. It is so simple. Make it work for you!

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