Did Manifesting Find Me? Is This Actually Happening?

Did Manifesting Find Me? Is This Actually Happening?

Susie writes:
My husband passed away over four years ago. After his death I went on with my life as best as anyone could. I was doing well, considering. It was years before I entertained the idea of a romantic relationship and it came up last June when I went on a sailing outing with a group of people.

I befriended a woman there and we had ample time to talk about number of things, including the possibility of my dating again. She suggested that I join a dating site and the idea agreed with me. When I got back home I signed up online,  took the time to fill out all of my biographical information and clicked go.

It was an interesting process and I had an open mind about it all. A couple of dates resulted but not much came from it.

Summer passed and the following December I was in the checkout line at the Target. I heard two women in front of me talking about manifesting. Obviously the conversation was short but I found it interesting and the idea stuck in my mind.

I was still on the dating service and from time to time I would check in to see what was new. I spotted the profile of someone interesting there and after reading his bio, I contacted him to see if the attraction was mutual. I didn’t get an immediate response.

One or two days later I was in a thrift store and saw a copy of Manifesting 123. There was that topic again. I looked the book cover, turned it over and I was much surprised to see that the picture of the author was the same person person I had just contacted online! I took the book home and went to the Manifesting 123 website. As it turns out, Ken had a lecture coming up in town with within a couple of weeks. This is pretty amazing!

I read the book and later attended the lecture and book signing that followed. We met in the signing line, but our conversation by necessity was very short but fun. Ken invited me to meet where we would have more time to explore everything that was going on.

We did get together and had a wonderful time, talking about all kinds of things. That romantic spark was not in the air between us but we but we agreed to stay in touch and that I should continue to manifest the idea of my wonderful companion.

Twenty days later, I met another person from that dating site. It was a very good first meeting and we have been seeing each other for three weeks now. He is not like anyone I have ever met before and I feel like a teenager again! It is way too early to know where this will go but we are Really Good to each other and have a wonderful chemistry together. The result so far is that my life has been enriched and I am happier.

Interestingly, got a call from Ken today. He was going through some of the stories that come in from readers and he wanted to follow up with mine. He told me that he was very intrigued by the high coincidence of our ‘finding’ each other and how that it was interwoven with my discovering the Manifesting 123 book. In his notes my story ended with our last meeting. 

When I asked him why he called, he thought there might be more to my story by now because it had a very strong ‘trend line.’ It was apparent to him that things seemed to coming in quickly and with some big coincidences. I told him about the new person I was seeing and how well it was going so far. He was just thrilled for me and a lot of laughing followed. I told him I have been manifesting ever since I found the first Manifesting 123 book in the thrift store and that obviously, the results are great!

Things have been moving quickly for me and at a comfortable pace. In my discussion with Ken today, he pointed out that last summer is when I first launched the idea of finding my good companion. It happened when I signed on to that dating site. I wasn’t just wishing for an outcome because I also took action, putting time and money into it and being open to the idea of meeting someone special. When you are on the dating site you have to revisit it from time to time and Ken pointed out that I was building that singular intention with every visit and thought.

Together we went through the story again:

  • In February of this year things started happening quickly, picking Ken’s profile out of a dating site and contacting him
  • Within days I found Manifesting 123 in the thrift store with his photo on the back. What are the odds?
  • That coincidence was a validation that I needed to continue manifesting my wonderful companion and within a month I am in a place with wonderful possibilities.

When I told Ken this was all his fault he laughed and said, “No, this is all your idea and it started when you joined the dating site. Then you got the book and learned how your thoughts can create anything. That information gave you a powerful focus and you jumped right in and put it to work.” We settled on the idea that he can be my co-conspirator.

I am much inspired by all that is happening and I hope the same for people that read this story.
Stay tuned!

Thank you, Ken



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  1. Angeline Says: March 17, 2017 at 7:15 am

    Wow, The world of happiness to you both.

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