Getting a Hunch May be an Opportunity to Ask. Why Not?

Getting a Hunch May be an Opportunity to Ask. Why Not?

L. F. writes:
My son was going to a on a weekend bachelor / bachelorette party, weekend fest and there would be fun with drinking and swimming. He is not a strong swimmer and I was worried about him.

I sent him a text saying that if at any point you want to come home, I’ll get you because he’s without a car. He texted me back saying that he felt like there was something behind my text. “What are you not telling me?” he asked.

I got stuck trying to give him an answer. I had a bad feeling about the trip but as a mom you just have to get out of the way sometimes. So I just said that I wanted him to have a great time. I couldn’t pinpoint, it but I felt he was in danger. After our texting, I called out for help, “Please, protect my son, protect them all this weekend.” I felt so strongly that he was in danger and sure enough, he was.

I was hoping that when he saw the speed of the river with the spring runoff, they might pass on the idea. Well, they went ahead and got in the raft anyway and the trip went fine until the very end. The raft capsized on a small, smooth rock, causing it to immediately flip over. Two of the girls got stuck under the raft but they managed to get out and get to the river bank. My son was thrown into the middle of the river and it carried him away. The river was running so fast he couldn’t get to the sides.

He said, “I did all the things they told me. I tried keeping my feet forward but that didn’t work. I thought at some point I’ll try putting my feet down on the river bottom rocks but they were banging me up too much.” He told me that he kept going further and further down the river and started taking in water until he got to a point where he thought, “If I don’t get saved soon, this is it.”

And then he said it was like an angel appeared. It was their river guide. He just appeared and pulled him out of the water.

My son said, “I had nothing left, no energy left when the guide pulled me out of the water. I couldn’t move to lift my body and I was throwing up water.” He was near to drowning.

He said, “When the rest of the people caught up to me, the girls were hysterical and crying.” Out of all the people, it’s my kiddo who’s not the strong swimmer of the group that ended up falling into the river.

After the accident we all got together and another guy in my son’s group said to me, “There’s no God, this was awful.” My son looked at me, shaking his head. He goes mom, “This has changed my life. I want to meet somebody and to start doing things. I’m not even afraid to go river rafting anymore. I’m going to do things to better prepare myself, like becoming a better swimmer.”

I explained that I wanted to tell him before he left on the trip that I was very afraid about it but I couldn’t put that on him.

We were thinking back on this and realized that somehow the river guide got out in front of them or perhaps it was a guide from a different raft that pulled him out. It’s pretty strange because my son’s river guide was thrown out of the boat as well. My son asked, “How could he have even gotten to me? I don’t even know.” How the guide managed to get that far ahead and pull him my son out is nothing short of a miracle, or for that matter, any guide showing up at just the right time.

Regardless of who and how, it was like it was an angel showed up and it was just the timely help he needed. Oh, and also, the river guides told him that he was rescued right before the most dangerous rapids were coming up.

Much was learned on that trip. I didn’t hesitate to request help for my son and he told me his life was changed. It is much to think about, to be grateful for and to pass on to others.
L. F.


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