More Like Deal Making Rather Than Manifesting, But…

More Like Deal Making Rather Than Manifesting, But…

J. writes:
Last October my dad passed away. Apart from grieving becomes this feeling of what have I done in my life? What do I need to get accomplished? I am thinking it’s time for me to be somebody different, perhaps that is the key but I’m still processing a lot of feelings, generally just feeling blue and affecting my husband too.

Looking to shift things, I remember that we used to watch Storage Wars together and we sometimes bid on a unit every couple of years or so. For whatever the reason, a person abandons a rental storage unit and the general public can bid on the contents.

I brought it up and my husband said, “Hey, why don’t why don’t we bid on one of these?” I agreed because it would be fun. Now, this is a big deal for me because I don’t want to buy someone else’s sorrow. So when I am bidding, I will usually call and try to find out any back story that they’re willing to tell me because I just don’t want to  buy something from a super sad situation.

So I called the storage company and they said, “Oh no, this person walked away, never made an effort to keep up the rent. There’s nothing to worry about here.” So I got the green light to go forward but I’m still thinking, I don’t know if I should do this. So I decided to say, “Okay, God, do you think should I should I go for this?” I’m looking for some advice. I want to manifest this and have it come out successfully, but I’m bouncing it out to the universe and asking,”What do you think?” I need to be told. I’m just in that headspace and need reassurances.

Going further with this idea I said, “Okay. I don’t mean to tempt you God, but you know, I sell inexpensive, vintage items on Etsy. If you want me to bid on this storage unit, then give me an Etsy sale today.” 

Boom, I get a sale. I’m like, no, wait a second, I can easily get a sale on my own, right? I I shouldn’t put it that way, but I needed a clearer confirmation. So here I go again, “God, I really don’t want to tempt you here, but if you give me two sales today then I’ll know it’s OK to bid on that unit.” I haven’t had two, day sales in years so I would consider this a big signal. I put it out there.

For almost an hour I’m still thinking about what I had done when Etsy notified me of a second sale.

So I go over to the storage company where they had some interior photos of the contents to view and I looked at them carefully. I’m seeing some things that would be really useful for me as an artist but the photos don’t show everything in the unit.

OK, this kind of has my name on it and I’m getting the green light to go, so I’m going to do it. I went back to God again and said,“This will be my only bid. This is a lot of money and we’re trying to plan for our family vacations. So if you want this to really be mine, and I know I may have upset you earlier because, you know, this isn’t how I’m supposed to talk to you, but if you want me to have this, and I do see the art supplies inside, then alright, fine, let’s go with the one-time bid. That’s going to be the deal.”

There was never another bid and I got all the contents. Inside there was every art supply I could ever need and more. My mind was blown.

After surviving my car accident years ago and this gift of so many art supplies, I can’t be shaken from knowing that God is listening and helping. My dad’s death sent me into something unexpected, making me feel kind of lost and not painting as much as before. Now I’m the one that has been tempted and I’m putting the gift of those art supplies to work making more paintings!

Apparently, God wasn’t upset with J. earnestly asking for guidance!


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