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How to Get the Entire Family to Europe? Manifest It!

From a reader:
My recent trip to the U.K. is an interesting example of how our thoughts create results. I really started manifesting that trip 10 years earlier when someone had sent me a card of Iona, Scotland. Every time I looked at that card I felt like I was meant to go there. I put the card where I saw it often, but not for the purpose to manifesting a trip, I just really liked the card.

Move forward to the summer before my son’s senior year. My daughter and I were watching a movie that took place in Ireland. We both were so smitten we just really decided we should find a way to travel there. The more our family talked about it the more it seemed plausible. We started saving money, but realistically we did not have enough money to make a trip for a family of four possible.

Then we did something interesting. We suddenly decided to go to Ireland soon after our Grandpa Kelley died. It was not in the budget, but we were going somehow and everyone was in on the idea.

Later that year at Christmas we got an unexpected gift of $5,000 from my former husband’s parents. I remember opening that envelope and crying because it meant we would be going on our trip, but also that the money was a passing along of an inheritance the parents had received from our Grandpa Kelley. He loved to travel and he would have been thrilled to know that it would be used to send our family to Ireland. The trip became reality. We were are all going to Ireland!

Since the most expensive part of the trip was the airfare, we planned for a month-long trip. When were researching where to go, I found a video of Taize, France and when I watched the part about the bells of Taize, I fell apart crying. I made it a part of our itinerary along with Ireland, Iona, Scotland, and a bit of England.

What an adventure for the family! We were two days into our trip in Taize when I had this intense feeling I needed to contact home. There were literally thousands of teens in Taize at the time and only two computers in the internet cafe there, but I finally got online and was informed that my father had passed away. He had been in ill health for several years so it wasn’t completely unexpected. As our family continued on the trip I had this sensation that Dad was there watching over the family and enjoying the journey along with Grandpa Kelley.

When we returned home, I stayed with my mom for a month after Dad passed. The two of us were traveling to his gravesite when we stopped at a little junk shop along the way. The shop happened to carry music and among the selections was a CD of music from Taize, that tiny Christian community in France that almost no one has heard of in the states.

All of this made me feel like our entire family trip experience was something divinely appointed. I wrote my first book about it and we are still in contact with friends that we made on the trip, including a young lady that came to stay with us for two weeks last summer.

I am amazed at how that postcard from 10 years ago put all of this into motion. As it describes in the book, we targeted a place, committed to go as a group and everything fell into place. It’s just fun when you get to play and co-create with the universe.


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