Can Manifesting 1,2,3 Get Me to the Islands? Yes!

Can Manifesting 1,2,3 Get Me to the Islands? Yes!

Hi Ken,
Good morning. I’m not much of a writer but I just wanted to say thank you. I purchased Manifesting 1,2, 3 on audiobook about a month ago. I had to giggle the other day about how things are happening for me. They don’t necessarily happen the way you think they will!

I live on a small island in Southwest Florida and it is hard to get by here. Currently I am working to bring my photography business to life. Ideally, it would be fantastic to be able to get out on a boat and photograph the islands, so I made that the first part of my manifesting ‘movie’ that your book talks about.

It didn’t take long. This Sunday I’ll be on a boat cruising Pine Island Sound. It so happens I met some nice people that told me about an interesting opportunity here.  I looked into it immediately and I was chosen to be a docent for the nearby Dolphin Cruises. Now I have the island access by boat for free!

The job requires a lot of study and dedication but I’m game.  I got my boat ride and then some and that’s just the start. My movie is big: The perfect partner, the perfect home, on safari in Tanzania photographing the great zebra migration, becoming financially secure and more!

Thanks again and God bless,

(That’s Christine’s photo at the top of the newsletter. Fantastic!)


There are over 200 stories on the Manifesting 123 website. Other readers are writing in with their very encouraging success stories, all searchable by keywords. Get the book, learn what they are doing, then get going! Once you know how manifesting actually works, it’s not likely you will let it go!

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