Keep it Simple… Regardless

Keep it Simple… Regardless

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For many years, I have followed law of attraction & manifesting gurus and read all of the materials with inconsistent results.

In my opinion and based on my experience, they seemed to be lacking something. It felt that I wasn’t getting all the pieces to the puzzle and a key ingredient was missing. My world changed when I met Ken and he taught me a different (and simple) way to manifest wonderful things and events into my life.
My business has picked up, but not enough to allow me to make the outright purchase of a new laptop that I desperately need. A couple weeks ago I put a new laptop computer into my manifesting movie, following Ken’s approach.
Yesterday morning I received an out of the blue call from a very dear friend who knew nothing about what I had in my manifesting movie. He told me that he knew that I needed a laptop computer for work and he had already called his credit card company and he could use his points to purchase the computer I needed. He told me that he woke up “And got the idea and that his points were just sitting there accumulating so why not use them?” My friend also said that I could pay back the price of the computer over time with terms that work for me, making this perfectly manageable. In a few hours, we were meeting at the computer store and I walked away with exactly the new computer I had been secretly manifesting.
It’s wonderful to see how the Universe will respond to our request when put our intentions out there. It’s more amazing than I could have ever dreamed up!
Catherine Joyce

How can you make this happen?

I was having coffee yesterday with dear friends. One of the friends was in a tough spot. Funds were very tight, the current job was not a happy one and it paid poorly. Further, the apartment lease was coming up for renewal soon, complicating what to do next.
After talking for a while it became clear that the person prefered to live near the ocean in another state. I would offer that the current events and her future preferences were working against each other. In her movie she’s enjoying her time living near the ocean comfortably, a delightful vision. On the other hand, she is distressed about the financials, how she can get a better job here, and how she can get the money to make a move, even if the opportunity dropped in her lap.
Sigh. This sort all of this out as best we can.
In the van story above, OM simply went to her future where she was happily driving her van around. She also made a point to say how grateful she was to have her perfect van. It didn’t matter how she got the van. That was not a part of the movie – the van was simply there and how it came to be was not known. Throughout her regular day, she didn’t concern herself with the details of how this could possibly happen. As it turned out, OM received a settlement unexpectedly and it covered the cost of the new van nicely.
I would offer that the lovely, future ocean dweller continue to do her movie every day, gratefully walking around in her perfect ocean-side environment. There she has her perfect home, financials are not a concern, a perfect career and she is in perfect health.
It is critical to address the negatives and that can be done in a simple fashion as well. She presently does a good job of being grateful for all she has, even though it seems meager at times. But throughout the day she finds herself worrying about getting by from month-to-month.
in the book I recommend she take those worries and turn them into action items. Get out more, get online more to find the better career and home –  allow her good intentions to find her. She may find that transitional job, an apartment with less costs or even the complete package that would take her away to her ocean paradise. Sometimes the answer is theequivalent of money and not what comes in from paycheck to paycheck.
Worrying is a powerful tool that can create what you don’t want… exactly what you are so worried about. So shift gears, offload those fears to an action item list and make some moves toward your happy future. Once your fears are out of the way, watch what you manifest come your way.
In a nutshell, that is number one and number two in the book. Yes, there is a number three and a bonus, but those are delights for you to discover.
To your happy future!

Ken Elliott

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