Manifesting on the Fly

Manifesting on the Fly


July 2013

Please let me share with you my adventure last week.

I was flying standby from Tampa to Denver. I had a connection in DC. When I arrived, the flights were delayed due to a storm the night before. There were 33 people on standby, I was number 27.

The first two flights were overbooked already and many people had been there since early morning. The possibly of staying the night was very real, so I decided to manifest a good outcome and say I am already on the plane.

There was a third flight and I was #13 on the list with 20 seats open, but they had not placed the people from the previous flight that was overbooked. Many people stood waiting and hoping to get on this flight.

I took action and saw myself sitting on the plane, thanking the Universe, relaxed and happy, never changing the thought.

The plane boarded and now it was time to announce the standbys. The man at the gate called the first passenger 5 times, no show, then the next, no show. Then the man said, “What is going on? This has never happened. Where are all the people waiting for this flight?” He kept announcing, but no one came forward.

Now the rest of us were getting excited and started saying we might get on this flight.

Incredibly, all 12 passengers on standby failed to show. My name was the next called! I jumped up and said I am here! Everyone laughed.

The wonderful thing was not only did I get on, but all the other people who had been there all day were able to board also.

I had your book with me during the trip and read it several times and used what I had learned on this day. I was using the techniques in the book, playing my movie, creating my smoke!

It was nice that in my movie everyone got home!

Thank you Ken for your wonderful, powerful book. It helped put the finishing touches on what I already knew.



Manifest? Absolutely!
But what about Worry & Fear?  part 2

The two great forces that surround us, Love and Fear are huge influences in our lives. They underpin our thoughts and the direction our lives can take. Let’s be clear, worry is fear.

You might envision your perfect career and how grateful you are to be doing that work. This is how to create a positive and loving outcome in your present or new environment. You can also create the opposite result by worrying about the negative aspects or fabricating harmful outcomes in your present or future career.

In the first case, you are using gratitude or love to create a positive result. If you worry, you are charging your thoughts with fear, the other powerful force in the universe. You are manifesting either way and both directions are open for you to manifest with the power of your thought.

Create the outcome you wish and magnify it with a powerful charge of love or fear. Pick the force you want in your life.

In the book you will learn much more about how thought becomes form and merges into your reality. You will also learn how to off-load the worry that holds you back.

People that have been manifesting for years remark that these simple methods go further than what they have practiced before and with better results.

My hope is that you empower yourself for a fulfilling and happy life.


Ken Elliott

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