Life’s Hard Lessons: Manifesting and Being in School

Life’s Hard Lessons: Manifesting and Being in School

So, what is meant by that title? Certainly, we are all affected during this time of the virus. There is an abundance of disturbing news and the quarantine has stopped a lot of normal activities. Many of our lives have slowed down and we have more time for reflection and ‘distanced’ companionship with friends near and far. These are things we know and are currently experiencing.

Are you aware of this experience? Have you noticed that many of us and those we are in contact with are experiencing major events in our lives right now? Many of us know people that have died or became seriously ill with the virus. Just in my circle, friends have been diagnosed with life-threating illnesses, changes in relationships, accelerated political disagreements and of course, financial instability. It seems that everyone has something extreme difficultly going on.

Digging in further, it appears that some of the big events in our lives are bringing a lot of our personal, core issues to the surface.We may have been carrying these issues for decades, successfully ignoring them and suddenly they are demanding action now. Because these are core issues, it makes them very difficult to deal with and I get to announce here that I’m not exempt.

What to do?

Do we want to continue on in our lives with these unresolved issues? Some believe that if we don’t resolve them in this life, we will come back and have to deal with them in the next one. Regardless, these negative issues (call it what it is) not only create problems with those around us, but they also keep us from our full potential, happiness and well-being.

For one, I am grateful to see at least some of my own issues as best I can and have the opportunity to successfully overcome them. This current struggle ‘quacks’ a lot like being in school. When there are continuing problems right in our faces, it’s a good time to imagine you are stepping backwards out the front door of the school building. Take your time to imagine it and then look up to see the name of the school, the name of our personal problem written over the door. What’s next? Go back inside, and by  doing the best we can, complete the lessons that are being brought to us.

Big problems require big tools. Our thoughts, our purposeful manifesting have the amazing power to create change around and inside us. If you are overwhelmed by anything: fear, anxiety, loss of any kind, self-doubt and more, sit quietly and imagine that you are in your future. You are sitting quietly in a calm place and in your future those painful emotions do not exist. In your future you are sitting safe and comfortably and those struggling times are a thing of the past. Be sure to express and feel the relief and gratitude to be free from those emotions and the issues that created them. You have overcome those debilitating issues and your life is much happier and more fulfilling. Ahhhhhh.

Here is another big tool. I like the term that Judy Goodman uses, “Ask the God of your understanding” to walk beside you, hold your hand and bring you through this. Say or think it anytime you are drowning. It will make a difference.

Our personal schools are not created to be easy, but designed for learning. Happily, for those that put in the effort, there is the ability to graduate. Those that pass gain many benefits, including one that is not often noticed. They become the teacher of that issue in order to help others. They have walked the walk and that experience is invaluable to the many that need the teacher’s experience and understanding.

We are all empowered with the gifts to prevail and by the nature of our precious birth, we are always Loved and in Grace.

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