Nancy Rynes hosts Enlightened Reflections with Judy Goodman, Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton & Ken Elliott

Nancy Rynes hosts Enlightened Reflections with Judy Goodman, Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton & Ken Elliott


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Audio / video: Nancy Rynes hosts Judy Goodman, Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton & Ken Elliott

With Nancy Rynes’ invitation last week, the four of us joined together in a discussion that covered a large array of topics. Nancy, Judy and Lynn are very gifted individuals and have considerable information about the non-physical realms.

Judy Goodman is at the core of Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3, and together with Nancy Rynes, they touched on the subject of gratitude and remarkable information is revealed. Listen to Nancy’s and Judy’s observations of the spirit realm and how our thoughts of love and gratitude actually take form as ribbons of light and sound in the non-physical realm. Those thoughts are a benefit to ourselves and they go outward as a tangible gift to the universe.

Our thoughts can create wonderful things!

Here’s a description of our conversation:

Challenging Times and Life Today, A timeless perspective of the challenges we face throughout our lives!

‘Enlightened Reflections’ hosted by the highly recognized Nancy Rynes and other accomplished authors and speakers, Nancy RynesJudy GoodmanLynn Van Praagh-Gratton and Ken Elliott

This is a discussion of multiple topics that will always be relevant: A very candid view of love vs. fear, the school of learning, our childhood difficulties, making conscious choices, becoming the teacher, near-death experiences, life reviews, forgiveness vs. worthiness, and when bad news isn’t really bad. You will learn about Divine music, the big picture, being the best you can be, perfection, what gratitude actually looks and sounds like and the healing impact of color and tone.


Go to the Interviews Page to see and hear Ken talking about Manifesting 123 and you don’t need #3. There is new information here and you won’t hear it anywhere else. It is so simple. Make it work for you!

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