Manifest Your Solution and Sometimes a Bonus Tags Along!

Manifest Your Solution and Sometimes a Bonus Tags Along!

Hi Ken, this is seemingly small compared to some of the stories you have published, but the principle is the same. I ordered decorative window film for my bedroom window. It’s wide enough to cover the entire bottom of the window, but 11″ tall so that I can leave the blinds open enough to compensate for the air conditioner unit. 
My bedroom window is near the stairs of the entrance to the second floor of the building I live in, so inevitably, folks walk really close to my window. I ordered the film for my own comfort and assurance that I would not have unwanted eyes peeking in.
The order went through and I was assured that my order would be delivered from the east coast in a week or so. Shortly after, I got the email that my package was on the way and I was given a tracking number. Every few days I checked on the progress of the package and when it reached Phoenix, I was sure it would be delivered the following day. However, it didn’t come.
I called customer service and they assured me after verifying my address, that I would have it and no later than 1:30pm. The next time I checked the delivery status, my package was backtracking and was now in Texas!
I meditate every day, so I did the manifesting movie that I learned in Manifesting 1,2, 2 and you don’t need #3I was manifesting a perfect solution to this problem quickly. When I checked the package track the next day, it was located in Tennessee. What? I called customer service and they were pleasant enough, but didn’t know what to say, so they offered me a 60% discount on my original price and assured me that the package would arrive the following day. We went back and forth for a couple of days and again, I watched the track of that package get further and further away.
Calling customer service again, I told them if my package didn’t arrive I would just cancel the order and purchase it somewhere else. As before, they were very nice and offered me a $20 gift card along with wishes for a better day. It did make it really easy to stay calm and to laugh over the calamity. I kept to my manifesting.
The next day, the package still hadn’t arrived so I called customer service one more time. They apologized for my inconvenience and allowed me to cancel the order. They gave me a total refund because my package was now in Kentucky!  No one knows why my Phoenix bound package did a U-turn, but as it turned out, I got a refund and a bonus of not $20 as they said, but a $25 gift card instead. I ordered the same item from Amazon (cheaper) and got it the next day. I took just a little more time, but I saved money and made some money. What an interesting solution.
So, even the little things work in manifesting. It was a nice proof of concept for me.

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