Need an Improbable Solution? Manifest It Quick!

Need an Improbable Solution? Manifest It Quick!

I had a problem, two of them actually and the were both very important. I recently moved to a very nice city on the water and it was working out quite well. I was close to my daughter and I secured a solid job there.

Over a year later, my daughter got her wings, graduating from college and around the same time I began to develop respiratory health problems. It wasn’t getting better over time and after seeing a doctor about it, I was told that I was very sensitive to the mold in the air. It was the proximity to the water and it was in the air everywhere. Apparently all I need to do was to get to a drier climate. It was time to move.

My job was with the U.S. government, writing scientifically oriented operational manuals. That’s a fairly specialized  job description and not one that is around every street corner. Since I went into this specialized office every day to do the work, my chances of transferring to another office somewhere where very slim. I let my boss know what I was thinking of and then went to work on a solution.

I am well aware of the book Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3 and I put it to work. Without being specific, I simply began to visualize a future where my career and finances were just fine in my new location.

In the past I have manifested many good things but I have to say that when this solution came it took me by surprise. Isn’t that how it goes? My boss got back to me and let me know that I could work remotely from wherever I chose to live. I couldn’t have imagined it, but it was absolutely the very best solution for me and happily, I can get more work done more efficiently that way. It was a win-win solution. Wow.

OK, now about where to live next-the third problem. I’m manifesting a solution and it is currently unfolding. There will be more about that later.


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