Manifesting a Puppy-Cat. Really ! ?

Manifesting a Puppy-Cat. Really ! ?

Around November 2019 I started expressing my desire to get another cat. Our current cat, Uranus, was terrible with our twin kids and not interested in affection. But my wife likes the cat because she is pretty.

I continued to tell my wife of my dreams to have a “puppy-cat”, a cat that acts like a dog and goes to the bathroom outdoors. I had a name picked out and I knew exactly how I wanted the cat to act. I wanted it to lay on his back waiting for belly rubs and to scratch at the door when he needs to go out. Perhaps an impossible request for a cat?

I was constantly referring to my future cat as if I was expecting him to arrive soon, and my mind was open to different possibilities of him coming around. I sort of expected a friend to have kittens available or something like that, or perhaps a pet store that we stumbled across. What I didn’t expect was for a cat to show up at my door. I was always hoping for a cat that had all of the benefits of being a cat, but didn’t use a litter box and acted like a dog. We can leave him home all day without worrying, or he can stay out all night if he wants to, but he is always interested in belly rubs, or another bowl of food!

About 2 months later, an orange cat came to our door in the Canadian -30 freezing rain weather. He seemed to be VERY hungry and continued to come around over the next few days, getting into our trash to eat. This cat WANTS to be in our family. My wife was opposed to taking another animal, especially one that requires vaccines and needs to be neutered. But this cat fits the bill, he purrs louder than I ever heard a cat purr, and he expresses endless gratitude for our offerings.

For about two months he lived outside in a heated cat house that I made for him. During this time, he “campaigned” to our family for adoption. Needless to say, even my wife was  eventually convinced that he needed to be a part of our family. We named him Balzak (Zachary) and our twin babies’ crawl all over him and pull his ears while he lays there purring in gratitude.

Our new cat acts entirely like a dog, expressing his thanks and has a genuine interest in our family. When the cat asks to go outside, he usually just waits there and meows loudly, not scratching the door like a dog, perhaps a good thing after all. He needs to go on a diet though!

We are all grateful and it is just amazing that my thinking of something as far-fetched as a pup-cat would actually come right to our door. Amazing!
Quebec, Canada


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Photo credit: Balzak the puppy cat and
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