Manifesting the Really Big Deals – Multiple Choices

Manifesting the Really Big Deals – Multiple Choices

Here is a favorite reprise story:

Last week a good friend called, wanting to come by and talk a bit. We met about five years ago and immediately hit it off. He wanted to talk about what has been happening with him lately and dropped a hint that manifesting would be involved.He brought over a nice bottle of wine and we settled in. When we first met years ago, I discussed manifesting but not in a form as concise as Manifesting 123. After that first meeting years ago, he told me he had a surprising result after using his thoughts to make change.

A month ago, he read Manifesting 123, and decided to give it a try. Much has transpired since then.

Richard is a business man and has been involved with fortune 500 companies at a very high level. He has valuable skills that generate millions of additional dollars to those companies that hire him. He also has a few very close friends and trusted business associates he stays in constant touch with. They are very talented individuals with specialties that compliment and overlap.

Richard is at the point where he would rather do something on his own rather than work for a large corporation. That’s easy to say, but it takes a great idea, capital and a team to make it happen.

Back to the Manifesting book, he told me he is a black and white, analytical kind of guy. The idea of using your thoughts to create outcomes is just out of the box. However, when Richard used the ideas in the book, he got results. Not just one, but a few and they appeared to indicate a cause and result.

He was using the ideas in the book everyday. Richard would imagine these perfect scenarios in his future and express gratefulness in each one. Day after day he imagined and polished these ideas and yes, the results were starting to show.

Last winter he was vacationing with his family at a rented resort home in the mountains, happy and relaxed. His wife and daughter had left the house and he was along doing his manifesting Movie. In his Movie he was imagining being in his future with all that he desired. He had to laugh. He imagined a second home in the mountains… he was in one! He didn’t need to OWN a second home, he could just rent this one.

He stopped the process and followed an urge to go into his daughter’s room. He picked up her sweatshirt that had a lot of writing on the front. The last line said, “Rinse, Wash and Repeat.” OK, so what was he doing pickup up things in her room? He never does that. With a shrug he went back to the living room and began reading Manifesting 123 again.

Suddenly it was there in the book, “Rinse, Wash and Repeat.” He felt a reaction form deep inside himself. He couldn’t miss the feeling and when it travelled up his body, he began to cry. When he came over the other night and retold his story, the feeling came over him again and it was unmistakable. Richard had a confirmation. Most of us have felt that moment that touches us at our core but it is rare but usually meaningful.

What was going on? He had been observing the unfolding of very important events in the last few weeks. Seeing the phrase again in the book was perhaps a positive signal of some kind, an encouragement.

He continued his manifesting routine each day and observed how one of his biggest aspirations was beginning to form up, the opportunity for his own business. In all, there were four business plans that emerged. All were different but well-formed, solid ideas that had national reach. Each came in from one of those trusted associates.

He was watching potential dreams emerge. These are complex deals, yet all the talent and funding is in place for each one. It took hours to talk through them all, how they came in and the amazing coincidences that birthed them. There won’t be any business secrets revealed here, only that he had never seen such a fertile time. Did he do this? It is quite possible that he did and Richard is not letting up now. He is carefully exploring each possibility and continuing to take a little time to manifest each day.

Manifesting can be very black and white, very cause and effect. At the least, perhaps Richard has discovered a simple tool he can use to his advantage.

And here is a Very Interesting result others have reported: He woke up one day with a new calm around him. At his work, things pull on him less and he feels more confident and happy. It’s a common side-effect of manifesting each day and a very nice one!

So two guys sit down to talk about business…
What a great night that was, talking about Richard’s successes with manifesting. Not the usual guy-talk, eh? It was exciting to hear about those business possibilities and how Richard is ‘directing’ his manifesting Movie.

At times I would remember some of the stories from readers where difficulties were cleared away and opportunities smoothly presented. In all these stories, a good outcome was being manifested and the size or impossibility didn’t matter, what seemed to be a miracle materialized.

So what’s the difference between a big miracle and a little one?

Going a bit further, YOU are the difference. So point yourself to where you want to go.
Go far!


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