Manifesting Shifts in Time / Efficiency and Less Pressure

Manifesting Shifts in Time / Efficiency and Less Pressure

Before writing Manifesting 123 and you don’t need #3, I was pretty busy. My art career takes a lot of time and I was also giving a lot of time to helping a number of charities and friends. I was typically up pretty late each night just trying to keep on track.

These long hours had been going on for years. But happily, I noticed that each time I wished for a bit less responsibility, someone would come forward and take some of the load away. It happened enough times that it got my attention.

I mention my good friend Judy Goodman number of times in the book. When she comes to town, we like buzz about what we call ‘Judy time.’ It’s like this: we might be running late for an appointment, so we call ahead and let them know we’re going to be a little late. The people on the phone are usually happy to hear the news because they’re running behind themselves. Everyone is delighted with the shift in time.

When Judy visits, she has a pretty tight schedule, seeing a number of individuals in just a few days. Taking care of her schedule is like watching art in motion. When new people are hanging around with us, we let them know that we’re on Judy time and to watch how everything magically flows.

A common example is a client will call with a Tuesday appointment hoping that she can get a Friday time instead. There’s nothing open on Friday, so we let the person know we will get back to them if an opening develops. Sometimes it just takes minutes or later in the day, but typically, someone will call with a Friday appointment hoping for Tuesday. We give each other funny looks, make the calls and it all works out perfectly. This has been going on for a very long time now.

Last year I was thinking it would be great if I could find something that would make a major correction with my own time. I had been wanting to write this book on manifesting but I couldn’t find a chunk of time to even begin the project. Heck with the book, I just needed some sleep.

Whenever I need something, I use the movie concept to go into my future. I visualize my future where the current problem has been resolved or eliminated and I’m very grateful.

Then it hit me. I don’t know where this phrasing came from, but it is exactly the thing I needed.”

“In my future, my time is perfectly synchronized between ‘what I’m here to do,’ my careers, my relationships and my personal time.”

The results were magical. In a very short time I found that I was going to bed earlier and playing solitaire on my iPad. It had been almost 2 years since I had that kind of leisure time in the evening. Quickly, I began to see how my daily life was shifting as well. First it was appointment scheduling, then it became hours and even days being shifted around to match whatever became more important at that time.

Further, if someone interrupted my schedule with ‘what I am here to do,’ I dropped everything else because that is a priority for me. Magically, everything else seemed to work around the important interruption. I never missed a beat.

I was gaining confidence with this ‘Ken time,’ so I put to the test. One morning I sat down with the the computer and began to write this book. I let the art career go for days and weeks at a time. I decided the career would have to take care of itself because this book was a priority. I left it up to synchronize timing.

It all worked out beautifully, wondrously. I had a complete and printed book in my hands within five weeks. I hadn’t produced much in the way of new artwork while I was writing, but the artworks that were already hanging in the galleries sold nicely. Somehow, everything was taken care of perfectly.


This is putting manifesting to the test and building confidence in the process.


Synchronized time is very important to many of us. We are more efficient and less stressed than before. We feel more in charge of our lives and happier as a result.

In a conversation with a friend last week, I realized something else. We were discussing how difficult it is imagine manifesting working for you at times. How can you possibly have the confidence this will work?

First of all, thought is a natural law and it does not judge your level of confidence. Nor does it judge if you’re a “good” or “bad” person. Gravity is not dependent upon your belief system and is the same with thought.

Thought just makes things and extremely people like Judy can see your thoughts forming up, beginning as wisps of smoke. Stay with that thought and eventually it will become more and more solid in the unseen field around you, then emerging into your physical world as a fully created thing or concept. Thought just builds and it does it every time.

Many of us have had small and spectacular results from manifesting. Looking back, they seem like one-offs, happy but non-repeatable events. Not exactly confidence builders because they seem rare and miraculous.

That’s not the case with synchronized time. For those of us using it, we find it happens for us almost every day. We’re very happy with results and many of us consider synchronized time to be a tool, something that we now depend on.

Being in this synchronized timing day after day for months is a real confidence builder. Synchronized timing is a constant reminder that manifesting works.

Wanna go for a test drive? Don’t forget the gratefulness. Someone is helping you.




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