Manifesting Success: Is 51% Enough?

Manifesting Success: Is 51% Enough?

Have you ever stopped to evaluate the percentage of your positive versus negative thoughts in a day? Imagine that 51% of your thoughts are positive. That sounds pretty good but it also means that just about half of your thoughts are negative.

Manifesting 123 describes how your thoughts actually take form – the negative and the positive ones. Here’s more about that from the newsletter archive:
Creation: Your Movie, Your Future and Gratitude

Gravity is a natural law and it doesn’t judge what you will use it for. Your thoughts behave like a natural law as well, creating what you think without judgment, ‘good’ or ‘bad.’

What to do? Well even the smallest shift from positive to negative will create good results, so let’s take the high road.

How about stating seven grateful things every day? It can be the things you are grateful for now and even good things from our past. Here are some examples. You are grateful for your health, your friends and loved ones, shelter, that wonderful trip a few years back, all that you have learned, those happy times and more. Your grateful thoughts are literally creating more happy opportunities in your future.

We can watch our words. Often we make serious or casual comments that have a negative slant. Your thoughts will create scenarios that reflect what you say, negative or positive. Don’t be concerned about a one-off comment, it’s the repeated thought that builds, like stacking bricks. Be aware of what you are building.

If you’re feeing or expressing a lot of negativity in your life now, consider making a sizeable percentage shift to the positive. Even the small things count. You’ll be glad you did and those around you will share the benefits. Who knows, the next story in this newsletter may be yours!

Thank you Nanette for this valuable suggestion!
Nanette Elliott (no relation)

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