Manifesting the Perfect New Home and Move at the Perfect Time

Manifesting the Perfect New Home and Move at the Perfect Time

Life can be complicated, so it is always nice to hear how people use manifesting and gratitude to cut through the complexities and create perfect solutions. Thank you, V. for your story.

V. writes:
A few months ago, I told Ken about how I manifested a new job but not the right job. Despite my frustration, we laughed a lot and he explained to me that when Manifesting I need to be SPECIFIC.

Later when my husband and I decided to purchase a new home, I knew I had to get it right this time! My husband also believes in the principle of Gratitude and Manifesting and we decided that finding our new home would require double power. We knew that this time we had to be SPECIFIC about what we wanted and that finding a home in our price range would be very challenging. Not only that, but the real estate market is always HOT here and usually requires that multiple bids are accepted before a house is sold.

In addition, we had to really decide what our priorities were and narrow down what we were looking for.We both wanted to be closer to the ocean, 30 minutes or less from my husband’s office and be close to hiking and biking. There were several areas like this but we needed to even be more specific. So, we narrowed down our search to two neighborhoods and then focused on the price range and house amenities.

We had already had some bad experiences with local realtors who wanted to trap us into a buyer’s agreement or kept sending us homes that were way beyond our price limit.On homes that were in our price range they always told us about it the day the bids were due and they would quickly sell out from under us. It became frustrating. So, we realized that not only did we need to find the perfect home in our ideal neighborhood, but we also needed to manifest working the perfect realtor. It all came together and we found a wonderful agent who not only grew up in our targeted area, but he also knew about each and every house we were interested in. He really helped us navigate the area thoroughly and quickly. He didn’t even ask us to sign a buyer’s agreement. It also became clear that we needed to focus on the timing between our present lease being up, a window to to find our new home and abundant time move in before summer.

Our combined manifesting worked because we brought our mental resources together so that the universe knew exactly what we wanted and where.Guess what? We even got the house for less than the listed price! The inspections were perfect too. We didn’t even have to worry about multiple bids because the mad rush of buyers occurred two weeks prior and while there was plenty of inventory left, the bidding activity suddenly halted. It was as if the Universe opened a time bridge for us. In addition, we get to move in late spring which gives us time to get settled before the summer.

One of the important things Ken taught me was to say, “My time is perfectly synchronized.” While I had been using this in other manifestations, is was critical that we had our own perfect timing.

Now I have something else to be grateful for!

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