Miracles Are Always in Reach – Large or Small

Miracles Are Always in Reach – Large or Small

There is a problem. It’s not a big deal but it can’t be solved in a normal way, regardless of how hard you try. There is a key in that statement… keep trying, because your thoughts are finding and creating the solution you continue to repeat.

So, I’ve been trying to find a manufacturer for essential oils that I use in my business. I’ve been requesting information from another company for months now, asking and really begging for the wholesale manufacturer’s information. I use these oils to make custom mixes and package them for resale to the public. I need the oils billed and shipped to me directly so I can get them at the best possible cost, make a profit, and offer them to the public at very good prices.

I got a little frustrated because the only person I know with that manufacture’s information is not getting back to me. I kept thinking the information is out there but I just don’t know how to find it. I’ve been intensely searching and searching on the Internet looking for different companies. I’ve put in every keyword I could think of but without success.

I took a break from the online searches and moved to a totally unrelated matter, opening a dieting application on my phone. The app instructed me to get a piece of paper and pen right now. “Don’t ask questions,” it said, “Just do it. You trust us, don’t you? This will be an important lesson.”

OK, OK… I grabbed something to write with along with my spiral-bound notebook full of hand-written notes. I tossed it onto the table to get ready to write. When I did, the notebook bounced open and revealed a page with exactly the wholesaler’s contact information I needed. What???

I was shocked. The wholesaler information was hand-written in my notebook a year ago by the very person I had been try to get the information from. I had completely forgotten he had already done so!

Being very aware of Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3, I realized that my intense web searches were repeated intentions that were very likely creating the solution I was seeking. Also, the book states that our thoughts will create the most efficient path forward. I just have to laugh because that app directed me to get paper and pen without thinking and to have trust. Who would have thought that tossing my notebook on the table would reveal the answer? Our thoughts really can create amazing things and I’m so grateful for this outrageous outcome!
Wy Livingston

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