Praying for the Cure: Message Received at the DMV

Praying for the Cure: Message Received at the DMV

Here is one of my favorite stories that bears repeating. Thank you Hoss, for letting me share this.

Recently I was invited to appear on a local radio show here in Denver. It was fun to be live in the studio with radio hosts Greg and Lisa. Most of my radio interviews are in other parts of the country and take place by phone. The owner of the radio and recording studio facility is Hoss. I told Hoss I was interested in doing an audiobook version of Manifesting 123 and he recommended the perfect person to me. So lately I’ve been recording at Hoss’ studio and spending more time with him there.A number of talk shows originate from his station. His philosophy is to have upbeat programs without offensive language. He is basically trying to put some good out into the world.

I’m glad we got to spend more time together. Hoss has a lot of interesting stories from his years in the broadcast industry. Then there was that one personal story that really got my attention. I’m delighted that Hoss has allowed me to pass this onto you.

Some years back, he was diagnosed with an incurable type of cancer. He was a very sick man and it didn’t help his struggle mentally to know that one of his best friends had been diagnosed with the same type of cancer about a year before. The difference was that his friend’s cancer was operable, but Hoss’ was not. Hoss, his friends, family and total strangers, were putting up a lot of prayers. He was doing some very serious asking and petitioning. He did not want to die.

Leading up to the diagnosis, Hoss underwent exploratory surgery. While the doctor had his suspicions of what he was going to find, he needed to see exactly what causing the excruciating pain. After opening Hoss up and exposing the cantaloupe-sized tumor to the surgical team, the prognosis was pretty grim. Turned out that this was the exact same 8-person surgical team that operated on Hoss’ friend who had been diagnosed a year earlier. The cancer was pretty much identical, except for the location. Hoss wasn’t expected to live through the night.

The next morning the doctor was doing his rounds and was surprised to see that Hoss was still alive, but in pretty bad shape. The doctor told Hoss to hang on and that he would return later in the day. When he returned, he brought an Oncologist with him who had amazingly enough, treated Hoss’s friend. It was at this time that Hoss was told that he had cancer. While the Oncologist was upbeat, his prognosis was that Hoss would not live more than 6 months. To his credit, the doctor did not share that prognosis with Hoss and discharged him from the hospital a week later, scheduling him for 6 months of experimental and intensive chemotherapy.

Months later, Hoss was still extremely weak and far from a picture of health. The medical bills had really mounted up, so Hoss decided that he would have a garage sale in an attempt to bring in some extra cash.

On the day of the sale his daughter came to him and asked for a favor. She said she would run the garage sale if he would go to the DMV and renew her license plates. That sounded like torture to Hoss. Because of his very fragile health and low-energy, it would take a real effort for him to get to and from the DMV.

However, to please his daughter he made the trip. When he got into the waiting room, all the chairs were full except for two, side by side in the front row. A large number of people were standing all around the perimeter of the room. Hoss needed to sit down and he told me he would’ve done whatever it took to get one of those two chairs.

He got lucky and collapsed into one of the chairs. Now he just had to tough it out for the long, long wait until his number was called. Almost immediately a woman sat down next to him and began to chat. She was a real talker and Hoss didn’t have the energy or desire to carry on a conversation. She was friendly enough and hard to ignore, but he didn’t give her much in the way of responses. Then she mentioned that she was a nurse. Hoss has a real soft spot in his heart for nurses and he began to engage a bit more.

Hoss talked about his cancer and the nurse said that she knew his surgeon’s mother. The mother had recently died and this nurse helped her through hospice. What a small world it was. Hoss was glad that he made the effort to talk with this woman.

Then his number was called, but before he could stand up, this lady patted him on the leg, called him by name, and told him that everything would be OK. Hoss thanked her and got up to walk over to the clerk’s window. After a few steps he suddenly stopped, realizing that he had intentionally not given this lady his name, yet she knew it!  He turned around to ask her how she knew his name, but she was gone and two other people were sitting in the chairs that Hoss and the nurse had occupied just seconds ago.

Hoss was stunned. This women had no way of knowing what his name was. The room was still full of people but there was only one door out and he thought that he could easily find her. There’s no way she could have exited the room that quickly. He was hanging by the clerks window in disbelief. She simply wasn’t in the room now but she knew his name.

The clerk asked Hoss, “Are you alright?” He stammered out that he was OK, then he asked the woman, “Did you see the woman that I was talking to? I can’t find her in the room.”

The clerk said, “That’s why I wanted to know if you were okay.  I’ve been watching you more more than an hour in between my customers and there wasn’t anyone sitting in that chair. You were just talking to an empty chair!”

The Hoss that I know is happy and healthy. Whoever or whatever that woman was,  she was right. Everything turned out okay for Hoss. It did affect the type of station programming he likes. He prefers upbeat show hosts who are committed to making a difference in this world.  He also has a very keen interest in spiritual topics.


I wish our prayers could cure every disease.

It is been proven to me many times that every thought, intention and prayer has a result. Your thoughts begin to take form. With big problems like this, the result of your intention can take many guises. Perhaps pain, stress and worry are somehow diminished. In other cases there’s a mental adjustment, and the problem can be managed with much less anguish.

Sometimes the miracle happens and in Hoss’s case, a very tough disease is  miraculously cured. What is the reason? It’s impossible to know but his life has more meaning. Part of his focus now is to support and magnify the kind and helpful messages of his radio show hosts.

Apparently, it’s very important that Hoss is still with us. Also, a big effort was made to let him know that everything would turn out alright.

Even though we can’t see them, we have people in spirit to help us. When we ask, something is put in motion even though we can’t sense it. Take every advantage. Be good to yourself. Clearly ask and manifest your desires. May your best and highest good be done.


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