My Simple Wishes Brought Us the Perfect House

My Simple Wishes Brought Us the Perfect House

I met Mona at one of my Manifesting 123 lectures recently and she was kind enough to pass this very encouraging story on to us. Her success came from simply specifying her perfect home and repeating that intention each day. Manifesting 123 expands and amplifies this approach but the bottom line is that your thoughts create constantly and Mona made it happen. It’s just that simple! Got wishes? Get all the advantages in the book and get going!

Mona writes:
Recently we were living in a small, 2-bedroom house, in a small town, with 2 children and one on the way. We were already tight for space and a bigger home was definitely needed and soon!

We didn’t have the unlimited resources to just go out get anything we wanted and ideally we wanted to stay in the same school district.

I know one way to make things happen, so at night when I would go to bed, I would make my Wishes:
“I wish for a house, within 5 miles of town, in the same small school district, 5 acres with lots of trees, a big shop for my husband to do woodworking, and last but not least, a view of the mountains.

I continued to make this wish each night. My feeling was that these wishes were actually doing something and it felt good to touch those wishes every night.

I stayed with my wishes and a lot of weeks passed but eventually my landlord contacted me. “I have this house you need to see. It would be perfect for you and your family,” he said. When I would see him he would almost hound me, so after a few weeks I drove by to take a look at it.

It was 4 miles from town and in the same school district. The property was 4.77 acres (close enough), had a virtual forest out front and a 4-car garage. It didn’t stop there because there was a view of the entire mountain range… a huge vista.

I was astounded! We had found out that the place had been sold to someone else and they had even moved in but couldn’t get financing. Perhaps that’s why it took so long to come to us.

We bought the house even though it only had two bedrooms but happily, the price allowed us to start expanding the house immediately. Six months later we had our perfect, larger house with two more bedrooms and a big family room.

Everything came to us in what seemed like a magical way. I did the wishing for precisely what we required and in God’s time, not ours, it all came to us.

This home is perfect for our family and we are so grateful, and blessed.

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Photo credit: Mike Jackson photography.


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