Yes, You Can Fix Your Future From Here!

Yes, You Can Fix Your Future From Here!

For those that have read or heard my interviews about Manifesting 123 and you don’t need #3, you understand the concept that your thoughts literally create objects and concepts in real-time.

I have experienced firsthand how our thoughts create form as we think it. This is valuable information that moves us from wishing and hoping to building with our ideas… the game-changer.

We are all are equally empowered to create whatever we can imagine. Your thoughts, the so called good or bad ones will immediately go to work and create whatever you repetitively imagine.

This is our gift, an amazing tool, so let’s put it to the most efficient use.

It is simply this: your thoughts can create things in the future. Without planning a path from A to B, your thoughts can efficiently build the future in ways we would never think of.

Thoughts work literally, exactly. So whatever your idea, hold off on planning all the steps to get there, otherwise your thoughts will dutifully follow the path you set. This is a terribly inefficient way to use this great tool and it severely limits hundreds of better possibilities.

That’s the path to create the things you desire in the future. There is more in the book, but you get the idea.

Now let’s use thought to create in a new way. Consider the things that you No Longer Wish To Have in your life. It could be a discontent, health issue, difficulties with a relationship an more. The list of potential problems is endless.

Consider the things in your life that you wish to eliminate, the negatives in  your life presently. Use your thoughts as a tool to create a future where these negative things no longer exist.

Again, it’s quite simple: imagine a scene in your future without that negative item. In this movie, this brief scene, observe that the problem no longer exists and don’t forget to express gratitude for what has occurred.

You simply say something like, “I’m in my future and that ———- (unhappiness) no longer exists. How wonderful that this was taken care of. I’m so happy, so very grateful.”

Results can come in subtle ways or look like miracles. Without specifying how a solution would occur, your thoughts are free to create an obvious or subtler solution from an unlimited set of possibilities.

An example of subtlety would be the problem of the barking dog, barking dog, barking dog. Envision a future scene in your movie. In your future the barking is no longer a concern and you’re very grateful.

A variety of happy results may occur. For whatever the reason, the dog just stops barking…nice! The more subtle result may be that you observe one day that the barking anymore no longer irritates you. The barking persists, but it no longer gets under your skin. You are free of that concern. The problem has been eliminated or diminished regardless and maybe in ways you couldn’t have imagined.

Go ahead and put Manifesting 123 to the test, but since thought is unlimited, why start small? Eliminate those negatives from your life starting now.

Create the future you desire without the burdens you carry today. Point yourself to happiness!

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Ken Elliott


  1. I love this book ! I gifted it to my daughter and will have to get another one for me. I read it several times before giving it away. It is a book that is timeless.

    • Ken Elliott Says: April 12, 2016 at 9:08 am

      Thank you Ginger!

      Your comments are much appreciated. I agree, it is timeless information. This is our go to manual, so let’s go out and do!

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