Overcoming Pain and Anger in the Past and Present

Overcoming Pain and Anger in the Past and Present

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Angela sent in one of those amazing stories where things happen quickly. Pardon the pun, but there seems to be more than meets the eye here and Angela went right to work on it.

Angela writes:
I found myself in a lot of pain. My eyes were really hurting me because I left my contact lenses in way too long. There was no question I was going to have to go to the doctor for this.

Well, that wasn’t the only thing going on with me. For some months, I had been dealing with a lot of anger inside. I had really been put through the wringer with this. I could tell that even before the contact lens episode, my eyes were giving me problems in lock-step with my growing anger.

I’m an intuitive and a healer, so message received and I went to work on healing and stopping the pain. I began to manifest that my eyes were immediately healing. I dealt directly with this sense of being hurt and angry. If this negativity is going to make me sick then I will let it go, so I think and manifest that I was free of this pain and fear. Having witnessed many times that prayers are very powerful, I said those as well. Then I went to the eye doctor.

The doctor told me I had an ulcerated cornea with some lacerations. It was good that I came in quickly, he told me, because untreated corneal ulcers could lead to vision loss and even loss of the eye.

Here’s the interesting thing. On the way to the eye doctor my pain greatly subsided and the stickiness in my eye was quickly diminishing. After examining me, the doctor was much surprised at how quickly I was recovering. He could see the evidence of the ulcerations and lacerations but indicated they were essentially healed. My earlier, painful symptoms certainly matched what he expected, but he was amazed that I was now in the clear and out of pain.

Antibiotics are the norm in these cases with the treatment continuing over a period of days. Since my symptoms had cleared and my eyes were doing so well, he said that the usual antibiotics would not be necessary.

“That’s one for the record books, We always have to use antibiotics.” he said.

My eyes continued to stay healthy and that anger I carried around for so long is no longer a burden. I am healed of that as well. My manifesting and prayers worked wonders and quickly! I’m very grateful to be healthy and my happy self again.

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