Manifesting the Trip of a Lifetime

Manifesting the Trip of a Lifetime

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Manifesting the Trip of a Lifetime

Susan writes:
I had been thinking about a trip to Norway for sometime. I am single, a shade over 50 (wink) and decided that if I’m going to create a richer life then it is up to me.

I read your manifesting book and I was much encouraged by the possibilities it held. I also get the Manifesting 123 newsletter and it is something I look forward to every week. Reading about other people”s successes month after month was a big motivator.

I began to manifest my wonderful, Norwegian trip with beautiful sights and remarkable experiences. Everything would happen smoothly and I would not be strapped financially to make it the perfect trip.

Going to Norway had always been a dream trip I wanted to do with my mom, who was 100 percent Norwegian but died at age 51 and I had just turned 27. Her close-knit family would celebrate a marvelous Christmas smorgasbord together and it was wonderful hearing all of their stories through the years. So the long way of telling this, I dearly loved my mom and was so proud of my Norwegian heritage. It was time to make it happen.

I subscribe to the Vesterheim Magazine, an American-Norwegian Museum in the beautiful little community of Decorah, IA. When I read through the magazine, low and behold, there was a beautiful two-page ad for a trip of western coastal Norway! I couldn’t believe my eyes and the serendipitous timing!!!  So after a few weeks of working on the idea, I called the travel agent and inquired about my perfect trip to Norway.

Thankfully, a very nice trip was within my budget, a cruise with a lot of onshore trips. The agent told me there were two possible dates: around the fourth of July and late August-September.

I decided on the September date, working on a hunch that that would be the better time to go. The agent checked the date and said, “Oh sorry, the August-September trip just filled but there’s still space on the July cruise. Can I put you there?” Reluctantly I agreed because I wanted to see Norway that year.

“Is there any way I can be put on a waiting list for the September trip?” I asked. She said she would but not to get my hopes up because people rarely cancel. Funny, but the more I thought about this, the more I wanted to be on that September cruise.

A couple of weeks passed and I got a confirming email from my agent. It indicated I was booked for the September trip! I immediately called her and she told me that a couple swapped their September booking for July. The travel agent proudly told me that she saw the booking change and immediately and put me into the September cruise. I was elated at the outcome. It seemed very important for me to avoid the July trip.

That cruise was everything I hoped for and more! What a beautiful part of the world. Everywhere I went I was met by kind and hospitable people. The cruise and staff were flawless and I spent my time there in joy and wonderment.

About that July trip… later I met some people that were on that cruise. Their description of the trip was like night and day. Since these cruises have fewer people compared to those large Caribbean ships, the kind of passengers on the cruise with you make a huge difference. As it turns out, the July group was not as energized as my group was. They said their group really didn’t add much to the adventure but they enjoyed the cruise very much in their own way.

This may not be a manifesting story of the miraculous kind but it was incredibly important that I do something wonderful for myself. What was manifested for me was a little slice of heaven, a perfection just for me. I came to the realization that yes, I deserve this, I’m allowed and can create more good things in my life.

Thank you for the book and for passing on all those inspiring stories!



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