The Extraordinary: Manifesting, Prayer and Making Even More

The Extraordinary: Manifesting, Prayer and Making Even More

There are two people at the core of Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3. They are the Out of Body Author William Buhlman and the remarkably gifted individual and author, coach, counselor, speaker and teacher Judy Goodman. Both William and Judy described how they could see our repeated thoughts begin to take form in the non-physical realms and eventually take physical form in our lives.

Clearly, this information and how to use it is a key to the kingdom and it forms the basis of the book.

Having been in conversation with Judy over the last few days, I asked her, “What are your wishes?” She essentially explained that has no wishes, and she doesn’t ask or manifest things in the way that most people do. Instead, she asks for the extraordinary to happen. What follows is something that Judy has seen and experienced and she is passing it on to us for the first time here.

Now you have another key to the kingdom, simple as that, but it needs a little explaining.

Manifesting is about specifying an outcome with our thoughts, a gift or an ability equally available to everyone. In addition, we are also allowed to ask, to pray and we typically do so with a clear result in mind.

What is suggested here is another method, an additional one for asking in another, powerful way.

For yourself, simply ask without limits, without a specified outcome or the when and how it may happen. This method may also be used for others in the same way, again without limits or exacting outcomes. Personally, I am very grateful for a powerful, new creation tool for me and particularly for others. Here’s why…

Of course, we can ask and manifest for ourselves, but when asking for others, there are limits. An analogy would be that we want our child to do well, but in the child’s life there are lessons for the child to experience and learn from on their own. It is their walk in this life and we can’t take their math test for them. So rather than ask for them to get a good grade, perhaps it is better to ask that their best and highest good be done. We could also ensure that before the test, the child is rested and well-fed. Asking for exact outcomes is a bit tricky and we do want to create the best possible outcome, so here is an additional tool, using the word extraordinary.

This is simple. I can write about it more and will, but here is all that is necessary. I’ll follow with a recent story.

To begin, just be who you are without other thoughts or concerns pulling on you. For a few moments, just calmly be you. Be you without judgement or doubts.

You are going to ask for something Extraordinary for yourself or others.

This Extraordinary is like a seed. You only have to ask once. You can repeat if you like, but since you are requesting the God of your understanding to do this, it will be done the first time. This is not a wish, but a request, and since it is much like a seed growing, numerous and Extraordinary events will follow without any further requests from you.

Here are the words to make this request this for yourself, another person, a group, the country, the world and more. Just visualize the person or group in your mind and say:

“Send a seed of something Extraordinary to …….” Then be in gratitude for the gifts that are being sent out on your behalf.

Nothing else is required. Anything else is limiting in some way.

What happens? Something extraordinary will happen and it will be over the top special to you or the person or group you sent it to.It is special just to them. It may not address the need you feel is obvious, but we don’t really have the entire scope of things, even for ourselves. How often have we learned that before a big goal is reached, a number of smaller events have to unfold first? The Extraordinary takes the best path and usually through a series of recognizable and unique steps that stand out, each in its own way.

This act is powerful, “magical” and often joyful. Keep it just this simple and let it go.

So for an illustrative story:
Judy Goodman required some fairly complicated dental work. Her long-time dentist performed the work for her over three days and that is only part of the necessary treatments. More will be required in about two more months.

Judy wanted to do something for the Doc but didn’t know what would be most appreciated by him. After considering several different options, she opted for a way to bring him something that would be joyful and perfect just for him.

So, on the day that ended the first set of treatments, Judy visualized the Doc and said, “Send a seed of something Extraordinary to the Doc.” She let it go without any expectations of the what, when or how and expressed her gratitude.

The Doc had a golf tournament later that day. It is a sport that gives him a lot of pleasure and he was looking forward to the competition. In the tournament was another golfer that has won this event for the last three years, making the challenge even keener.

Later that day, Judy got a call from the Doc. He checked in to see how she was doing after the office visit that morning and then let Judy know that at the end of the competition, he had won the tournament. I saw the call come in and they were both very excited! Winning that event was a real thrill for the Doc and the icing on the cake is that he won it with his performance on the very last hole.

How extraordinary and it happened on the same day of Judy’s request! Of all the gifts that Judy could offer, a perfect and joyful experience was created, unique for the Doc. The Extraordinary will continue forward in time for the Doc like a seed that has been planted adding new shoots, leaves and flowers. Who can say what future extraordinary events will unfold because of Judy’s gift to him!

Please give it a try. Do continue to manifest, ask and pray every day as is your custom for those specific outcomes and then go for more. Ask for the Extraordinary as described here. Leave the rest to the Creator of creation itself.

More Extraordinary stories will follow.

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