Ask, Never Mind If You Need a Miracle

Ask, Never Mind If You Need a Miracle

There is power in visualizing, prayer and in the spoken word. All have great power and the ability to create powerful outcomes.

Mike (not his true name) writes:
I married a wonderful woman 4 years ago and nine months later, she gave birth to our baby. Within weeks of our marriage, there was a striking change in her personality. Much of what is considered a normal relationship was gone and she developed a mistrust of me and fell into an addiction. Life was miserable for both of us.

At the very early stages of our relationship, we had envisioned moving and living happily in Denver, fulfilled and with children.Instead, we moved to 6 different locations and lived in 5 different homes, in an attempt to find that comfortable and embracing community for her. She was taking a prescribed medication to bring her to normality, but apparently, it was not working.

We broke up on numerous occasions during those years but I am proud of the fact that during all of those difficulties, we remained true to each other, even when we thought hope was lost.

All of that time I was visualizing our happy outcome together but after so many years, that vision began to wane and we were at the end of our string. 

Making another of many efforts, I called to find her the best professional help. After getting a very good recommendation, I made an appointment for her to see a well-regarded psychiatrist. Of course, I was hoping for a good outcome in the years before and my early visualization and manifesting thoughts were still out there at some strength, but at the time I contacted the psychiatrist, I would offer that those earlier visualizations had probably become a faint signal.

For the first 4 years, I was often praying for her healing but things didn’t improve so I did something I had never done before. Prior to calling the psychiatrist, I took a step of faith and asked my family, numerous friends and others to pray for her. It was humbling for me to go to others for help, but I knew I had to give it my all.

My wife went alone to meet the psychiatrist and in the course of her meeting, the psychiatrist realized that my wife had been taking the wrong medication for years. It was her current medication that created and maintained her mental instability. It was magnifying her long-past, pre-marriage traumas and at the root of her other behavioral symptoms.

Here is the miraculous part. Upon hearing the physiatrist’s diagnosis, my wife’s behavior instantly shifted into normal, at that moment, in the office! She was then prescribed a new and appropriate medication that would not take full effect for another two weeks. My wife came home fully restored, perfectly happy, and the remarkable woman that I had married.

She never took the old or new medication and some weeks later, she is still in her perfectly normal and happy place. It was a complete and remarkable turnaround.

How did this happen? Was it the early visualizations? The prayers by all of us? Because a trusted and clinical professional said she was misdiagnosed for years, making something click inside?

I feel all of these things are true, each in their own way and I want to underscore that our thoughts and words matter.

Most grateful and soon moving to Denver!

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