The Perfect Condo Solution

The Perfect Condo Solution


My daughter Louisa purchased a second condo, much more spacious, with a larger wrap-around balcony in Toronto this past May. She felt ‘lucky’ to have purchased it privately, tipped off of its availability before it formally listed on the market. This private sale did not involve a realtor, thereby saving both parties around fifteen thousand dollars.Shortly after, a tenant was booked to move into this second condo. All was looking perfect with the transaction, so in mid July my daughter left town for a European vacation beginning at the Isle of Capri. What could be more idyllic?

All was not, in fact, what it appeared to be. It was not at all idyllic at the condo.

Just as the new tenant was to move in, moving day in fact, the new tenants saw a sign that the condo building was experiencing problems which had not been evident at the time of leasing or disclosed before my daughter left town.

The tenant then decided she couldn’t risk awaiting the resolution of this problem, and cancelled her move. She later asked for the return of all of her deposit, in this case both the first and last months rent.

On arriving back from vacation, my daughter pondered what was the ethical/moral thing to do. She called the tenancy board for advice on the matter. She learned the board determination was that there was no reason the tenant couldn’t move in, given that immediate work was underway to remedy the problem. The board recommended that she was legally able to withhold two month’s rent as penalty for breaking a contract without due cause. Satisfied that it was morally ethical to withhold rent, but reluctant to withhold any more than one one month penalty, she returned the last months deposit while absorbing the loss of one months revenue herself.

This condo is in a well-kept building as you can see from the photo. In addition, is is also in a nice location with all amenities and even recreational parkland close by–all you could want in the area where you wish to live. You would be able to secure a new tenant easily if not for for that ‘problem’.

My daughter decided she would not try to rent until this situation was resolved.

Having discussed the concepts in my copy of Manifesting 123, to her, she asked, “What’s it about?” I gave her a short synopsis. She is a quick study and ‘just the facts’ usually suffice.

Learning about the movie technique gave her confidence, albeit a little jittery at times judging from some of her emails. Mortgage payments on two condos brought a heart jolting test of the principles outlined in Manifesting 123. It would have been all too easy to lament: “Oh, maybe shouldn’t have been so bold–should have just sold the unit.” But instead she held on.

We continued to run the manifesting movie, visualizing perfect outcomes regarding the condo. I asked a few friends familiar with such issues to help. l explained that they picture a resolution of the issues and a new tenant arriving in a timely and easily obtained manner.

The ‘problem’ didn’t get completely resolved until the end of August. This wasted a month of precious time when students come to the city looking for accommodations. Missing this prime time for rentals was definitely a blow. Many people, several a day for two weeks viewed the place but no luck. There were so many condos, including brand new ones flooding the market. However, we kept running our movie and by the middle of September ,a prospective tenant called from a city nearby, Ottawa.

He and his partner were interviewed over Skype, cleared the credit and employment hurdle, then gasp – sent in the signed lease and deposit after viewing the condo online. In condo rentals, this particular couple was almost unheard of. It was easy as 1,2,3!
He is a student at a college very close to this particular condo. It was a perfect fit. They moved in the last weekend of September. What a relief and a perfect resolution to a serious financial problem.

Both my daughter and I credit Ken Elliott’s principles, as outlined in the book Manifesting 1,2,3 for the turnaround without a ruinous wait for a new tenant.

Thanks for taking time out from those late night games of solitaire to write the book Ken. It was time well spent!

From Louisa in Toronto and a pleased Mom.

Nothing like a little stress during your vacation.

Having two house payments was not the plan. I like Louisa’s forard-thinking style. She bought the second condo as a rental property at a very good price. She got the first tenant right away and booked her vacation to Europe. Nice!

Then came the oops. Everything became complicated and real money was involved. Rather than panic and hold the money issue too tightly, she refunded half of the deposit when she could have held it all. She was generous with her financial view even during crunch time.

Mom came to the rescue, recommending the simple manifesting methods in the book and they did the trick. Without physically seeing the condo, a new tenant appeared and signed the lease right on schedule. Nicely done!

About the solitaire. As a full-time artist, I keep pretty busy. I was getting behind on projects, saying up too late and had no time for just me. Voila! Using the methods in the book, I visualized my future where all my time is perfectly synchronized.

Shortly afterward, I found myself playing solitaire rather that working into the wee hours each night. I suddenly had personal time…it had been years. I soon shifted my schedule a bit and found the time to write this book

The finished copy was in my hand in one month. It just wrote itself and all the assistance I needed appeared as if on cue. Now I have another career as an author, but my personal time is still intact. It is just the way I asked. Go figure..

Now go figure out what you would like you life to be.

Happy Holidays!


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