At Last, They Found Happiness, Part 2

At Last, They Found Happiness, Part 2

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From part one, a short review:
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As I reported in part one last week, Kevin was in Florida on business and Cynthia was in Denver. They had met on and had only been e-mailing a week but it seemed like much longer. Cynthia and Kevin used the secure email system which didn’t disclose each other’s last names or personal contact information and they continued on that basis by mutual agreement. Nevertheless, their numerous and increasingly deep emails were bringing their hearts together fast and created a strong, mutual attraction and soul connection.On Thursday morning via email, Kevin invited Cynthia to dinner at a mutually admired restaurant in Denver, Pappadeaux, and set a time six days away. This would be the first time they would actually meet: Wednesday at 6 o’clock.

Cynthia excitedly accepted and felt they would have plenty of time to exchange names, contact information and a world of other things that night with more to come. What a week it had been! When Cynthia printed out their combined emails, it ran to 68 pages. In a very short time, they shared much!

They were falling in love.

Part two:

Cynthia could see through Match’s email system that Kevin read her response accepting his dinner invitation in the early afternoon, but surprisingly, Kevin’s e-mails stopped completely.

Friday came and went without Cynthia hearing from Kevin for another day. This was the first time since they met that a day had passed without an email from him. Cynthia was confused by the silence, very worried and she could feel her heart begin to break. Perhaps the love she was feeling wasn’t shared. Perhaps he got cold feet, or it was all just some fantasy. She had no way to call him as she didn’t have his last name or telephone number. She wrote twice through Match asking him to please communicate with her so they could work through whatever his concerns were, but even those emails remained unread. Cynthia was baffled and crushed.

Then four days later on Monday morning, Cynthia received an email through the dating service. It was from Kevin’s daughter, Amanda, who had prompted her father to join Match. He had shared his Match login information with his daughter when he and Cynthia first started to communicate.

Kevin’s daughter had crushing news. Kevin suffered a heart attack and died that Thursday a few hours after reading Cynthia’s last email. The doctors said it was so massive he died almost instantly.

This couldn’t be happening. After all the countless hours Kevin and Cynthia had shared and felt in one weeks time, after finally feeling the happiness and joy that both of them had dreamed of finally finding, it had suddenly ended without their ever meeting.

Kevin’s daughter was extraordinarily gentle and kind. In her email she told Cynthia that her dad was her hero. He told her to face life head on, as that is the only way to truly live. She and her Dad talked every day about Cynthia. Kevin confided in his daughter about Cynthia and how excited and happy he was about finding her.

The daughter said that she had not seen her father this happy in a very long time. Amanda was grateful that in the last week of his life, her dad found the happiness he had been looking for. It was so bittersweet.

Cynthia’s tears couldn’t stop. She was crushed by the news, but her heart was filled knowing that she had made this dear man very happy. He had done the same for her.

Kevin had shown her that she was able to bring a deep love and soul connection into her life. The daughter did not leave any contact information and although Cynthia wrote back to her immediately through Match, Amanda never logged in again and Kevin’s account was closed. She tried to find a way to contact both his daughters, students in Denver, but all her efforts were unsuccessful.

A few days later Cynthia gave me a call. It was Wednesday, the day she and Kevin were to meet at the Denver restaurant. She was very hurt and her grief was deep.

We both agreed there was a lot more to this story and we began to look at it in-depth. In the span of only one week, two people had become very close to each other. At the start, the daughter persuaded her father to sign up for the dating service. Kevin made a good intention to find his romantic partner. Cynthia did the same, meticulously putting together her profile, a very strong intention, and praying earnestly for her positive outcome.

Cynthia saw Kevin’s profile and contacted him, something Cynthia rarely did. They quickly made a very strong connection and their hearts opened. How wonderful, their hearts worked! It’d been so long since they felt love, they had forgotten what it was like. What good news – their hearts opened naturally and someone cared for them.

What was gained?

Cynthia knows a relationship is possible and it can happen again. Kevin showed her the way and by the example of how he lived his life, she knew she had to keep her heart open to love again. Yes, she longed for Kevin but took his advice to face life head on. Cynthia knows with a great certainty that she is attractive and worthy of kind, loving attention. It had been a long time coming, but it is a precious knowledge she will not relinquish.

During our call, Cynthia was overcome with the weight of this evening. It was the night they would meet. She felt she had to do something besides be at home alone, so she came up with a plan.

It was a brave, good idea. She wanted to take a red rose to the restaurant and lay it somewhere outside the front door, possibly in a flowerbox. It was a great gesture and we discussed the idea of perhaps doing something more. There was the possibility of using this moment to help with her grieving and also honor the love that she felt for Kevin.

I suggested that she briefly write up her story and along with the red rose, give it to the manager of the restaurant. The idea would be to have the manager select the happiest couple in restaurant and give them the rose and a note with this story of love. I was surprised that Cynthia agreed – this would be a very hard task to walk through.

During my conversation with Cynthia, Judy Goodman phoned. Judy is someone very intuitive and is mentioned in the Manifesting 123 book a number of times. I brought Judy up to date and Judy liked the idea of presenting something to the couple. Judy suggested doing more for the couple selected, a loving gesture beyond the gift of a rose. Cynthia decided to add a check to help pay for this happy couple’s dinner. She would make it a more positive moment, celebrating and honoring the love she and Kevin had, passing it along to another.

Early that evening, Cynthia wrote a brief letter explaining her story. She drove to the restaurant and presented the envelope and rose to the restaurant manager, Lindsay. There were tears and smiles all around when the story was told. In minutes, Cynthia drove back home with her empty heart beginning to fill with love and life again.

She realized the love didn’t die, it was being passed along.

The next day Cynthia called Lindsey back, hoping that everything went okay. Lindsay explained that after Cynthia left, she had notified the floor staff of Cynthia’s story and instructions. The staff responded enthusiastically and made a real effort to find the happiest couple of the evening. They were busy with their duties of course, but as they worked through the evening, they selected, rejected, conferred and discussed until the “most worthy” and happiest couple was found and presented with Cynthia’s gifts.

So this beautiful, loving story was presented to the special couple that night and now it has been given to you.

Cynthia and Kevin would want you to know that you are worthy and remarkable. Ask and that partner will find you, for your potential partner is asking too, closing the distance between you both.

Cynthia has learned and felt much. Her loving gesture in a time of great pain was a beautiful aid to her grieving. She told me she had been contacted by other men on the dating service earlier, but the timing wasn’t right. Now it is, and she will be contacting them soon. She knows that Kevin is watching over her, encouraging her and her heart to stay open, guiding her to the love of her life for this world.

Don’t worry, we haven’t heard the end of Cynthia’s story yet.

Thank you deeply, dear Cynthia, Kevin and Amanda.


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