The Unexpected Settlement

The Unexpected Settlement

June 2013

Hi Ken, I am answering your request at the Children of Light Conference that I report my experiences with your deceptively simple book. Of all the Law of Attraction books, films etc. that I’ve tried, this works the best and the quickest.

Here’s what I’ve manifested since the conference: I’ve been awarded a large settlement in an auto accident of Oct. 2011, yet have not received it as Medicare has not responded to several requests via email, phone etc. to state what monies need to be repaid to them for covering medical bills, ambulance, MRIs (2) etc.

Putting the easy flow of monies towards me into my movie, I opened the mail one day and received a check for $14.79 from a class action suit I knew nothing about.

Then the next day I received a call from the paralegal of my law firm who had been handling all the pre-settlement work on another issue.. “We’re done”, she said. I wondered what that meant. Bottom line, I had requested an advance on this settlement before and was told it would not be possible. So, imagine my surprise, when after only 4 days of putting the ease of monies flowing towards me into my movie, I picked up a check for $10,000 later that day.

Now I’m heading out on a road trip with my son and his lab, Sunny, I’ll visit friends and relatives in Colorado, Indiana and Missouri.

As I also put into my movie that my life runs seamlessly and all is effortlessly take care of, I easily manifested a garden friend to water my veggies while I’m gone and two friends to care for my indoor plants and kitty, Domino until my return. Thank you, thank you.

I’ll definitely keep in touch. I enjoyed our interactions at the conference and am amazed at how delightful and joyful my life continues to be each day creating miracles small and large with your book.

Warmest regards,


Ken Elliott

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