Rod’s Rainbow Test

Rod’s Rainbow Test


June 2013

“I LOVED your talk and am so amazed and inspired by the miracles you make everyday!! I am SO VERY excited to read your book and tell the world about it!

On my fb page now. 🙂 I will keep in touch and my mom, Julie and I might try and set a time for you to come to Omaha!

Lots of love and light to you!! THANK YOU AGAIN for your life changing words!”


About the Test  (told by Ken)

I met Rod and Kayla at Joe Crane’s Children of Life Conference in Kansas City, July 2013. Right after my presentation, Rod came over to me and said he was going to send something in thought to Kayla. I was a little alarmed because I pointed out to people in my lecture that manifesting with thought may not happen instantly. At times that is the case but I didn’t want to raise expectations. Rod told me he had put the Manifesting 123 experience to the test, he had decided to send something in thought to Kayla. He told her what he had done and that he had sent her a confirming text message describing the object he had sent. He told her not to look at his text message and they would wait for a result.

Well that didn’t take long. Within a couple of hours Kayla was relaxing during the lunch break and had slipped off her shoes. She noticed a rainbow sticker on the bottom of her shoe. We all attending a conference were a lot of fun stickers were handed out, so it wasn’t unusual to see stickers everywhere. She told Ron, “Look, there’s a rainbow on the bottom of my shoe. Rob replied, “Check your text message.” When Kayla looked at the text it said one word, rainbow.

Ken Elliott

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