Thoughts and Actions Created Healing

Thoughts and Actions Created Healing

This is a story about inspiration, creation and healing. The artist Lyle Sopel was inspired to create something new and wonderful. In turn, another was also inspired to also create something very important to her. All of this illustrates the power of our thoughts if we are willing to use them. Please do!

I’m an internationally recognized sculptor, working in rare minerals and precious stones. My unique designs and skills have a large following and I am very fortunate to have clients all over the world.

I’m always looking for new and innovative ideas, never knowing where inspiration will strike. For this particular story, the inspiration came when I heard the phrase in my head, “Your love pierced my heart.”

How very interesting to have a thought like that. I told my wife Colette about it and together we started looking at hearts. I put the idea out into my Facebook community to see what might come back from that. Staying on that theme, I found a coral in the studio that would make a perfect heart.

I did hear back from one of my fans. After doing a live Facebook episode demonstrating how I was creating this heart themed composition. She reported some disturbing medical news that she had recently suffered a heart attack and was hospitalized.

While spending time  in recovery, she was repeatedly focusing on a series of videos I had done on the subject of creativity. Alongside the creative theme, there were also ideas about meditation and making things happen in a positive way.

She was using these videos in a positive way to create her own successful recovery. One of those videos showed the creation of my newest sculpture series, the three hearts.

Shortly after, I received a written message from my friend, she reported she had an extremely
fast recovery.
And she attributed this to watching the episodes of my working in the studio with these heart sculptures. The creativity videos

It was the best possible outcome and she attributed it to focusing on creating her own remarkable, healing story.

She had her own inspiration. It came through those videos, particularly the one of my creating this heart series. Looking back, I was inspired to make them from a thought that came to me. I immediately took action, began constructing the hearts and even made a video of the process.

That single inspiration went further than I would’ve ever dreamed.

Our thoughts can create marvelous things!
Lyle Sopel

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Sculpture video: The Spiritual, Romantic and Fury of Love Hearts Trilogy


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Photo credit: Lyle Sopel “Your Love Pierced My Heart” sculpture series and Manifesting 123 on Pinterest

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