With Very Little Effort, Good Things Came to Me!

With Very Little Effort, Good Things Came to Me!

When we repeat a thought, it is building in the non-physical realm nearby. This is not wishing or hoping, it is how creation works. Big or subtle thoughts only need be repeated to create form or concepts. It’s all in the book and thanks to Leslie, she explains how a repeated, subtle intention created something valuable and tailor-made for her.

As an artist, I know it is important to be seen and as a person that formally worked at a major metro newspaper, I understand how difficult it is to persuade an editor to do a feature on your artwork among the hundreds of other viable artists. I keep a manifesting and gratitude regimen going and it has worked well for me over the years, but I wanted to let you know about something that has been successful for me even without my putting much effort into it.

Around the beginning of each year, I make a list of what has been working for me and also of those things I desire. It’s pretty simple and I put it into a file just for that purpose on my iPad. One of the things I want to create is more publicity in the form of magazine or newspaper articles.

It takes a tremendous amount of time away from my painting to make this happen. First, you have to come up with a story idea to pitch to an editor and depending on the publication, each organization has submission protocols that must be researched and followed before approaching them. That’s why I have this PR item on my list as an intention, a wish that those articles will just happen somehow and without my making the effort.

From time to time, I refer to that list since it has other information I need to retrieve and when I look at it, I see the PR item and my desire for that to happen. The thought stays close to me this way, but it is not a daily manifesting action on my part.

I was talking to another artist the other day and the topics of self promotion and manifesting came up. That’s when I fully realized what has been happening for me these last two years.

The first instance was during the time of a one-person gallery show I was scheduled for. The local paper had just hired a new arts and entertainment reporter and promptly assigned the person to cover my show. It was a very good article, large and splashy in that I was prominently featured and written about, just the thing for a big exhibit!

That was followed months later with another article in a large, Colorado metro paper. It was great timing in that it kept my name out there with the public as if I had an ad budget and timetable. Turns out that I used to work with the person that set it all up when we both worked at the Denver Post. Grateful!

For another article, I did hire a writer to do a piece on me and we quickly landed a remarkable, multi-page spread in one of the most prestigious magazines in the state. It was beyond the beyond and people still remember seeing it. That is the kind of reach you can’t buy and it’s a pretty good proof of how our thoughts, so-called large or small, can make things happen!!

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Photo credits, top, Leslie in her Salida, CO gallery;
and Manifesting 123 on Pinterest

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