Watch Your Words, Romance May Be Waiting!

Watch Your Words, Romance May Be Waiting!

In 1981 I was living in Phoenix, Arizona working for a family business involved with advertising and publishing. I was doing graphics for that company and doing very well for them. The advertising and publishing side of the company was in trouble financially and I wasn’t happy with their ethical standards. My wife at the time recommended that I get out of the company. She was right, and I did so, but for other reasons, my wife and I ended up divorcing not long after.. She and the kids moved to Denver and I stayed in Phoenix.

Eventually the kids joined me in Phoenix and we all started a new life together. I opened up a carpet cleaning business and was doing pretty well. The kids and I were able to spend a lot of time together. We were a fun little family and began going to church steadily. They had a wonderful pastor there and he was a very good influence on all of us.

I remained a single father and began to read a lot of self-help and counseling books. I was working hard to be the best father and person I could be.

There wasn’t a lot of time for hobbies but I did manage to play pool in a league that moved around to different locations in the area. The people were nice and it was fun to visit different places nearby. So it was 22 years ago when I was playing pool in a nearby bar. I went up to the bar, ordered a burger with a drink and began talking with some American Indian friends sitting there. One of the guys asked me, ”Do you think you will ever get married again?”

“I don’t think so,” I said. If I do, I’m going to Minnesota and find my wife there.”

Without hesitation, the very attractive woman tending the bar raised her hand, looked me square in the eye and said, “Well, I’m from Minnesota.” That was a shock! We chatted a bit and I got to learn a bit more about her. I felt a real connection with her and I thought that she felt the same.

Arizona is a very warm climate and a lot of people there wear flip-flops and that was her thing. I did want to see her again, so I came back with two pairs of new flip-flops for her. It wasn’t a big deal, bit it gave me a comfortable way to see her at work and do some small, fun thing for her. I knew she liked peanut M&Ms as well, so they gave me another excuse to continue our conversation later.

I did finally ask her out and we went to a restaurant that had those high booths to sit in. We talked for a long time when I noticed the place was looking pretty empty. I called the waiter over and asked, “What time is it?” He said it’s an hour past closing time but the staff decided to let you two keep talking.

Six months later we were married and we have just celebrated our 22nd second wedding anniversary and we are still the happy and much in love couple.

Thinking back on this, it makes me think that a couple of things were in play. First of all, I was doing well as a father for my children and being a reasonably good provider. I was good to my children and made sure that they were being raised well and in a good environment. That pastor was a good example for us and my efforts at self-improvement were very beneficial to me and our little family.

Second, I would think about getting married from time to time but how was that going to happen? Interesting that a man at a bar would ask another guy about getting married again. Of all the crazy responses I could have come with, I said I would move to Minnesota and find my wife there. It’s all so Very Strange. Finally, how could it happen that right across from me was my future wife? By the way, she had just moved from Minnesota to Phoenix only 10 days earlier!

Our hearts were in the right place, hoping for that wonderful partner, and in the blink of the eye we were matched on the spot. We are so very happy for each other and forever grateful at how this was all put together.

Words and hearts are powerful!
C and M


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  1. That is incredible. Congratulations.

  2. Mary Fraser Says: April 2, 2019 at 7:28 am

    So surprising and wonderful, how could he have chosen such a line at a bar, and how we she have happened to hear it????

    I’m amazed at the way things work.

    Thanks for sharing!

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