Bring Me the Deal of the Century!

Bring Me the Deal of the Century!

K writes:
Our 30th wedding anniversary was coming up, a Very Special Event and my husband and I decided on a trip to the Bahamas and to stay at a first-class resort. Once our two grown kids heard about it, they wanted to go as well but it would be way too expensive for pay for the four of us.

However, there is something I use a lot to solve knotty problems and it goes like this, “OK Universe, if the kids are supposed to go then bring me the deal of the century!” That deal of the century works wonders. I am very familiar with Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3 and it has been very helpful but when I really push for something, I like to fall back on my deal of the century.

Hopefully, my deal is in the works and now it was time for the trip planning. The best airfare I could get for my husband and I was a $1000 round-trip for each of us and we had to use the air miles to get the price down.

The hotel wasn’t a bargain either, but we decided to stay at one of the very best. The price came out to be $3500 for one weeks stay. It was pricey, but it was our 30th, so special it would be, and with the ocean view!

A couple of weeks after making our reservations, I got a notice from one of the travel websites I had been using for research. It was an alert for a much lower airfare to the Bahamas, only $475 round trip per person! We immediately cancelled our previous reservation and booked this lower fare. By the way, the connections and flight times were much improved too and we saved just over $1000… amazing!

After that episode, my husband checked online for other prices with our same hotel. What he found seemed too good to be true. He found not a room, but a villa with 2 rooms, 2 baths, a full kitchen, and 1,800 sq. ft. with the ocean view for $270 a night, $1890 a week! We couldn’t believe it could be true, this was the same hotel after all, but we jumped on it. After confirming our new reservation, we went back to the hotel site and checked their price for the same accommodations -$1200 per night or $8400 for a week!!!

We had just saved a total of $2600 and gained a villa with 2 bedrooms and baths! We called the kids and told them they are coming with us after all. Planning travel schedules with 4 busy people is always difficult, but our scheduled dates worked perfectly for them as well.

How could it have possibly turned out this way? I guess you will just have to ask the Universe for yourself.


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