We Ask, Work Hard and Success Has Found Us

We Ask, Work Hard and Success Has Found Us

Curtis writes:
I had a carpet cleaning business in Phoenix, Arizona and I met my wonderful wife there. Our story was one of those instant manifestation moments and was recently published in this newsletter.  I hope you will read about how we met before we tell you the rest of our story. Here’s the story link

We decided to move from Phoenix to Colorado to be with our 3 daughters and grandchildren and continue our carpet business as a new and unknown company there.  It was a real risk for us, coming into this community cold and hoping to make a living. My wife and I each have our ways of asking and manifesting the things we desire and we use these tools everyday.

We keep it simple by using prayer, asking the universe to help us and setting goals together. That’s how we found each other and it is how our business began to thrive. Before we met, life hadn’t been easy for us and it was our hope and prayer that finally, this will be our time and we would succeed in Colorado.

We are all about service and helping people out. We do things right the first time and depend on the recommendations of others to carry us through. We went the extra mile and invested in the very best equipment, had our logo and phone number painted on our beautiful truck and put a lot of money into advertising. The two of us do all the work ourselves and we put our heart and soul into every job.

Despite our best efforts, the word wasn’t getting out quickly enough and our expensive advertising was not getting the job done. As troublesome as this was, we didn’t cave into fear and we kept our prayers and manifesting practices a high priority, continuing to do them every day.

Then we caught a couple of tremendous breaks. Because we so enjoy people and providing a service for them, we began making a lot of friends and they went out of their way to try to get us new business. We felt like they were responding to what we were giving them, our very best service and personal goodwill and our customers were doing the same for us.

Our second break came in the form of a national referral system on the Internet. It’s called Next Door and it groups people in adjacent neighborhoods, allowing them to communicate in a semi-private online forum to sell unneeded items, comment about things in their neighborhoods, and get recommendations for companies doing home services. Right away, our customers used the new service to give us great recommendations and high service marks. Suddenly, our business was booming!

The people that we had helped were now helping us and we have never had one bad customer out of all the people we have worked with. We are now booked out three and a half weeks in advance!

We are in pure gratitude at how all of this has worked out. We are happy, as are our customers, the bills are paid and we can see an even better future for ourselves.

So, what it is we do? We pray, ask and manifest every day, put in the hard work, and express our gratitude. Together, we keep fear to minimum and count our blessings.

We hope the same successes for all of you. By the way, we’re so proud of our growing business, we just have to show you a picture of our fancy rigs.

Go to the Interviews Page to see and hear Ken talking about Manifesting 123 and you don’t need #3. There is new information here and you won’t hear it anywhere else. It is so simple. Make it work for you!

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