Blue doors of an old adobe house in Taos, New Mexico. Hanging peppers and indian corn.

Wishes Brought to Your Door?

When two people are manifesting identical outcomes it is likely twice as powerful. This may be one of those interesting examples with a special delivery twist! Use the simple tools in the book or listen to my interviews. It’s all there for you and your successful future!

Five years ago, I gave a favorite book of mine to an art student. It was a book about angels and I thought it might be interesting or helpful to that person at the time.

Five years later, I had a friend from California visiting and for a week we had been looking for a place to stay in Taos, NM but couldn’t find anything to work for us.

Our Taos conversation was interrupted by the doorbell. It was the postman with a package. Always curious, I opened it right then and inside was the same angel book that I had sent to the art student 5 years earlier! What was really amazing was the note inside from the sender, “I moved to Taos, New Mexico and if you ever need a place to stay for free come visit me.” We now had the perfect place to stay.

I have done a lot of manifesting, praying, and wishing. I really do think it is helpful and that it works dramatically at times. Was this the result of two people manifesting the same result for a week or a coincidence?

The bottom line is that now there is a place to stay in Taos with a good and gracious friend. What was once a wish is now a reality and it came at a most timely way!

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