Miracles of a Lifetime, Twice

Miracles of a Lifetime, Twice

Just ask, please ask. Manifest, visualize, pray. Miracles do happen!

25 years ago, I was in a very serious skiing accident. I had considerable injuries, far to many to list here, but a considerable concern was my left leg. It was broken and numerous tendons and ligaments were torn and / or disconnected. My medical team had already done a lot of remarkable work on me to this point and they were out in the hallway discussing what could be done about my left leg. The consensus was to amputate.

I am not one to shrink from prayer, manifesting or any matter of using thought to create and I was fully engaged in asking for, or creating a miracle on my behalf. 

Another doctor was passing by and picked up on the conversation. After being brought up to date by the team in the hallway, the doctor a specialist in this area, asked permission to go into my room and speak with me privately.

Once inside, the doctor told me he felt that my leg could be repaired and that he knew just what to do. Further, he advised me not to let anyone amputate my leg. I took his advice and was quickly scheduled for reparative surgery with this new doctor.

I was put under and after a 10-hour surgery, I awoke. My first impulse was to look down my body to see if my toes were visible. They were there! Before it was all over, I had 22 surgeries to repair my body.

Today, 25 years later, I am experiencing a lot of pain and difficulties again and it is complicating my mobility and worse, those irregularities are creating a great deal of additional pain along my spine. All of those years of injuries have created unnatural pressures and strains up and down my back. The pain is severe and once again, I’m in the hospital with another medical team evaluating and talking with me.

I am fully engaged in asking and manifesting good solutions for me and miracles are welcome as well!

My medical team moved out to the hallway and once again, a radical decision is being considered. They feel the best solution to ease the pain and prevent further spinal problems is to insert a steel rod all the way up my spine. It will make me rigid for the rest of my life and by doing that, there are a great many things I will never be able to do again. This kind of rigid posture creates an entire universe of new problems and limitations, more than I can fully imagine.

During the hallway discussion outside my room, another doctor passes by and is interested in what he overheard. He is a spinal specialist, leaving the hospital for the day. He asked permission from my team to speak with me and once approved, he comes into my hospital room with some good news.

After spending 2 hours with me, the doctor strongly recommends that I refuse the rod in my back and instead, let him perform the operation to reduce my pain and make the needed repairs to my spine. Otherwise, the rod insertion could put the future of both of my legs in jeopardy and well as create possible bladder and kidney problems. He is confident that he has the skills to greatly improve my health.

I admit to being scared and put off the surgery for 40 days. I didn’t tell anyone because I was so concerned about the possible negative outcomes.

My surgery was completed last week and by a second miracle, it was successful and I am out of pain once again. I am no longer home-bound with debilitating pain and I have my life back.

How is it that on two occasions, the perfect specialist is somehow brought to me at the exact time I was in need? Where would I be without either of those doctors at different times and at different hospitals.

I did all I could to ask for and manifest healing miracles and they happened for me. I am so very blessed.

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