$10,000 Redeaux, Spooky!

$10,000 Redeaux, Spooky!

Just in… Cindy was reading the newsletter from last Monday. In the newsletter,  Melanie got her big job offer only hours after making her intention for $10,000 by the end of the year.  story

After reading Melanie’s story from last week, Cindy writes:
It happened all in the same day.  In your newsletter I saw the photo of $10,000, and visualized it floating down to me. I thought about how wonderful it would be to ensure that I can cover my house refinance this week. I thought about the stories I’ve read on your website about manifesting perfect homes, so imagined holding the $10,000 in my hand.
Later the same day, my daughter came to the house, having come straight from her bank, with $10,000 cash to give to me! I had sold some jewelry long ago to help pay for her college education.  She found out recently that some of her student loans will be forgiven due to unforeseen circumstances, so she wanted to give me $10,000 back.
Such a miracle!  And so fast!
Your long-term friend and associate,

What’s the difference between a big miracle and a little one?

How could something so big happen so fast??? Maybe it is because Cindy not only asked for this but she used the new techniques in the book to manifest her desire.

So,  What’s the difference between a big miracle and a little one? NOTHING.
Spooky, huh?

Take full advantage of this great gift we have all been given! Make this Halloween a Hallowed one.
Listen to the radio link below and hear me explain how.

Happy Halloween!



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