Results from the Sky and the Ground

Results from the Sky and the Ground


I just returned from a trip to a large farm in Canada. I was invited up by a wonderful couple that run the farm. There are far too many good things to share here, but I was honored to be there in the gracious company of the owners Ty and Janice. I spent time with their great family and three sweet people that worked the ranch as well.I saw marvelous things on the trip – just like I manifest each day. I really don’t specify what good things I see in the world, only that they give me happiness. The Milky Way was better than I could have imagined.

This farm is a big operation with cattle, pigs, and organic vegetables. It is a complex set of opportunities, problems and big expenses. Lately Ty and Janice have been trying to figure out the right mix economically and also follow their heart’s desire. What would they really like to do with all the farming options available? Capital is not unlimited, so after a lot of effort and thought, they began to expand their favorite, the organic vegetable operations.

They put out their intention to successfully grow additional crops and also for a clear route to sell more. They also required a graceful expansion in step with the increased demand. It’s tricky.

The crop came in big. They used all their resources to bring in their standard harvest. They were elated with their overage, but all those extra vegetables this season created a big problem. How to get them out of the fields and into market with just the two owners and three helpers? Hire more people? Spend for more equipment?

They did decide to buy a large hoop-shaped greenhouse structure (high-tunnel.) They could only afford one since they cost thousands of dollars, even used. They would continue to grow vegetables in the open and expand their framing under the protection of the greenhouses. They would get more helpers to harvest and buy more greenhouses as they could afford to.

That’s a great plan but at the moment, they had a LOT of vegetables in the fields without enough help to harvest and package the bounty.

They had almost manifested a perfect plan to this point, but the skies came into play. They had a major hailstorm that demolished the excess crop in the fields. It was a big blow. All that they did by working hard every day was wiped out instantly.

Then something marvelous happened. The company that sold them their hoop from called with information about 5 more. A farm had been sold for development and the hoops were not wanted by the new owners. If Ty and Janice were interested, they could have these very expensive greenhouse hoops for free!

An elegant, long-term solution appeared. Yes, they lost this bumper corp but it didn’t matter. Their season came out just fine without the excess vegetables. With the extra greenhouses, they could expand operations in their preferred way, organic vegetables, and grow them in protected greenhouses. With the money they saved, they could hire more help and quickly expand with less risk. By the way, the farm’s vegetables are in increasing demand each year. The hail didn’t matter and they were saved the problem of handing more crops before they were ready.

Just ask. You will get a good 

Sometimes what we desire has a lot of moving parts. We can’t foresee every contingency. Use the manifesting techniques once a day to point yourself to the future of your choosing. Ty and Janice have a lot on their plate, but over time they learned that the worries (now down-graded to concerns) get solved in regular or amazing ways. They have been manifesting for some time and they no longer spend energies in worry, they continue moving toward the goals they choose. “It just works out,” they say, simple as that.

…those that know me would be shocked to hear me say that I miss those yummy vegetables.

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