$10,000 by the end of the year?

$10,000 by the end of the year?


Over the past couple months my dear friend Kelly has referenced “manifesting,” and Ken Elliott. Because I trust her and am always encouraged by her suggestions, I eventually ordered the book Manifesting 123 for my Kindle.

During a very busy week, I took a break for lunch and began the book. Early in the book when Ken said, “If you never turn another page in this book that’s perfectly okay, but allow me this request: I want you to make some wishes. They are just for you, no one else,” I thought, I will! My wish was simple.” I want to make $10,000 before the end of the year.”
Within the next couple of hours, I received an email from a recruiting specialist in my industry. She wanted to talk to me about a Director’s position with a large firm!

Remember the sonic booms we used to hear when jets were breaking the sound barrier? That was me! Not for just the inquiry, but the fact I’d just put my wishes out there! I had a power jolt of joy to my being. Whether I understood the results or not, I felt strengthened and affirmed. This quick response to my wish cleared my vision . . . heart vision that is! It raised the temperature of my believe-ometer!

I have an interview in two days and I am stoked. Will I get the job or if offered, will I take it? Time will tell. I have my own business currently and everything will work out – I will know. That’s my cleared vision talking.

After my getting the email, I immediately texted Kelly and shared the news. She replied with, “Ken wants to know if he can call you about your story.”  Before I can respond, “BAM,” Ken is called while I was still in the joy of my experience. I affirmed his profound insights and direction with the book and the website www.manifesting123.com!

During the call, Ken said something that I will take to the bank, or rather deposit into my wisdom account.

He said, “It’s time for you to be taken care of so you have the time to do what you are here to do. If you are out foraging all day for nuts and berries just to survive, then there is little time left for anything else.” These words resonate like the freshness of a Rocky Mountain stream and are now in the Divine Ether where wishes are born and delivered.

I’m reading the rest of Manifesting 123 and it will be my newest give away to all for whom I get that little nudge . . . and our children.


Dreams do come true… yours!

Melaine didn’t hesitate. What did she have to loose by trying?

We have seen a lot of stories where people are looking for a specific result and it came true. Often the result comes about in an unexpected way. Melanie was very specific about making $10,000 by the end of the year. It will be interesting to see how this all works out. It’s a manifesting story in progress.

She got a very quick response to her request and coincidence or not, something big is in motion. She may not get or want the job, but this happy call could indicate that good things are coming Melanie’s way. If not with this contact, then via a large number of other possible outcomes.

There is the equivalent of that new job or money.

Some people see their bills drop – the equivalent of having more money to pay the rent. In her own business, Melanie has any number of ways to hit the mark. That’s why she is in business after all.

At the core of this is living happily and comfortably. We want our bills covered without worry and a nice place to live and thrive. So at a minimum, ask for, manifest the basics so you can have the time for others dear to you and to possibly be of service to others. Rather than struggling to survive, you will have the the resources and energy to be and do more. It’s not a lot to ask and aspire to, so give it a try.

We are cheering you on Melanie and ourselves as well,

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Ken Elliott

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