2016 Best Stories: Let’s Go Beyond the Usual New Year’s Resolutions and Manifest Good Things Starting Now!

2016 Best Stories: Let’s Go Beyond the Usual New Year’s Resolutions and Manifest Good Things Starting Now!

Now that we have seen all of the reminders about New Year’s resolutions, let’s get down to the real business of making things happen. Here’s a more powerful idea that is simple, true and just takes minutes a day. No more wishing and hopoing this year. Let’s take action!

If you knew that your thoughts could create anything, what would you attempt? Or to say it as my very gifted friend Judy Goodman says, “If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do?”

Only this book describes how your thoughts actually begin to take form as you think them, so put that to work for you!
Creating things with thought is something that I have personally experienced for over 15 years and tested in many ways. Practicing an array of techniques or getting into a ‘state’ is not required. You can create anything – you are doing it now and it happens in a remarkably simple way. Get your copy of the award winning book, ebook, or audio book now!

Creating your desires is your Gift and Birthright and Manifesting 123 explains how your thoughts create form – how thought actually works as you think it.

Here is an amazing group of stories sent in from readers in the last 6 months and it is a delight to share them with you. Everything about this book is simple and at last, you will clearly understand how thoughts create everything! It is what makes this book stand apart and why it is steadly purchased and recommended to friends.

There are over 200 stories archived on the Stories page (you can search them by keyword) and here are some of the best from the last 6 months.

So many people have written to say that finally, manifesting is explained in a way that makes it clear and these stories express it beautifully. Explore their stories below and discover how to make Manifesting 123 work for you!

By the way… Begin something very important. by thinking of 7 grateful things every day.

I wish you every joy and success in 2017 and I am grateful for you all!



To start, here are some of the best stories and information from the 1st half of 2016

And here are great stories from the last 6 months of 2016:

Can You Create What You Desire? Are You Worthy?
One of the big reasons for success…. or a less-than result.

Manifesting Financial Success and a Big Break Saving $1800.
The equivalent of some real money!

Manifesting Love: My Perfect Partner, Then the Miracle Happens: A very unexpected result!
You can’t make this up!

As I Manifested It, Love Appeared and I Was Surrounded
It was just what he asked for. 🙂

Here It Is: Manifesting that Lottery Win!
Amazing, hopeful OMG!

I Got the $6000 I Wanted – OUCH!
What your thoughts can do.

A Serious Disease, My Troubled Past and Manifesting a Healthy Solution
This summer I was diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism.  This is a silent and deadly killer that often goes undiagnosed.

Prayer and Manifesting at a Critical Time
My daughter lives in another city and was recently involved in a serious accident and fractured her skull. One of the fractures could have caused her death because it was next to her brain stem.

Everywhere Should be the “Happiest Place on Earth” – What I Learned about Manifesting from a Trip to Disney World
I was curious to see if I could “movie” an intention or set of intentions into instant reality for my 2 small kids.

I Kept Saying, “I Am So Lonely,” and it Worked
(4 story bonus follows this one)


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