A Confirming Gift: My Intentions Are Working

A Confirming Gift: My Intentions Are Working

Of course we ask for and manifest many things for ourselves and it is always welcome to experience those successful results. For those larger intentions we send out to others, the effects are harder to see. One of Nancy’s intentions has a global reach and she was gifted with the knowledge that she made a difference with someone in need in another country. Our thoughts create powerfully.

Nancy Rynes writes:
After being in a serious accident that resulted in my being rushed to the hospital and flatlining there, I found myself in a non-physical realm for the equivalent of a couple of months of our time. I experienced many things and was taught much during my time there. Since a book was dictated to me, I wrote it all down, published it, and put it out into the world.

I am well aware of the power of intentions, manifesting and prayer. My goal with these is to make the planet a better place, which leads me to this story.

One of my intentions is to have the biggest, most beneficial effect possible on this planet. A few days ago, right after I had done my morning prayer, intention, and visualization work, I got a message from a stranger overseas. The woman served in a church and contacted me on the behalf of another church member, a young woman who had read my book and watched my videos on YouTube. The young woman, we will call her Dana, was raised in a very troubled, sometimes-violent home. Her parents had been addicts, and her father was extremely abusive to Dana on several occasions.

One such incident resulted in Dana having multiple, serious injuries, which led to her having her own near-death experience (NDE). Dana’s life was difficult on many fronts as she grew to adulthood. Fortunately, her loving, Heavenly experience has helped her to free herself from the effects of that family trauma, and she is living a much better life now.

I was touched by Dana’s story and that the information that I was given and passed on had reached Dana and several of her fellow church members in another country. I am in service to do just that and it is heartening to receive that call confirming that my intention, “To have the biggest, most beneficial effect possible on this planet” was done. We never know just how far our positive words and actions will travel, and the ripple-effects of love that they might bring to people we will never meet.

And remember too, we are endowed with the power to create, and our thoughts and prayers are heard.

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