Think It, Pray It, Do Something With It!

Think It, Pray It, Do Something With It!

Please don’t let those good ideas fade away… continue to manifest them. M. said, “I spent some time on the idea but always had to let it go.” Then she shifted, drawing that idea to her by praying for it. Her thoughts were continuing to manifest alongside her prayers. Although her manifesting was not as direct and at a lesser degree and strength, her prayers and manifesting were a very powerful combination. Bravo M.!

M. writes:
As a single mom with two young children, there are endless opportunities for their benefit and often, limited funds to make that happen.
My 9-year-old daughter has many interests and recently, she has been attracted to horses. Being in close contact to horses would be a great experience for her on many levels, plus it would be great fun…and for mom too.

The subject of horses would come up from time to time and I was hopeful that something affordable would present itself since riding lessons were out of reach financially. I spent some time on the idea but always had to let it go.

Then a possible solution presented itself. It was to use a tool I should apply more often. When answers to problems are needed, large or small, why not use prayer to find a solution? Lacking any other options, that’s what I did. I simply asked for my daughter to have the time with horses that she desired. It was a simple statement without conditions,  and I let it go.

Shortly after, I got a call from a friend. She had purchased a raffle ticket with the prize being lessons that entailed a lot of time handling horses! My friend had immediately called me to see if my daughter and son might be interested in the lessons.

I was thrilled and when I told my children and they were over the top with the idea!

What a thrill to be surprised! Manifest, pray…. Put your intention out there!


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