From Mother to Daughter: Just Ask

From Mother to Daughter: Just Ask

Here are two gifts for the holidays, a double story about the importance of asking from a mom that knows how. Manifesting, prayers, asking… they do make a difference in people’s lives. Take full advantage and let’s make it a remarkable 2022! Donna’s artworks are part of this story and you can view her paintings here.

Happy Holidays!

Donna writes:
I was recently invited to exhibit my artwork at a local museum. A part of the museum is an amazing costume collection of Victorian, early 19 century dresses and on through the 60s and 70s. The idea for this exhibit was to hang the works of a number of my artist friends alongside the clothing collection displayed on mannikins. The name of the show would be Mod, Mod World and we were invited to wear dresses from the 60s and 70s to round out the theme.

My mom has a number of designer dresses from that time, enough for all of the women and I picked one out for me. The museum made publicity photos of us in our Mod clothes and we looked great! I had time before the show to make a painting with the colors of my dress and I was all set. Then, on the day before the show, I went to get the dress and I couldn’t find it. For days I searched every inch of the house and even the garage and it was gone! During my search, I also realized that I hadn’t seen the dress in the house for a while. I was really upset because we had publicized this and people were expecting to see me in a dress that would match one of my paintings. Now I didn’t have a 60s dress to wear to this much touted exhibit! My artist friends had offered one of my mom’s dresses back, but I told them to keep theirs as planned.

The same day I went out to buy some 60s fishnet stockings and in my car heading back home, I made a specific request to God and the Angels to please, find a way to bring the dress back to me. I would be so grateful. Yes, this isn’t a big thing but I have learned to ask for results that are important to me, large or small, and let it go. I continued home, knowing that the missing dress was no longer in my hands.

Arriving home, my house cleaner was there so I showed her the publicity shot of me wearing the missing dress. She recognized it immediately and had thought I had given it to her. Neither of us speaks the other’s language, though she is completely trustworthy, it was just a misunderstanding. As it happened, it was rolled into a ball and put into the trunk of her car for weeks. Miraculously, that dress was delivered back to me one day before I needed it! What timing! Oh, and I was very grateful! It was really important for me to have that experience along with my friends, wearing my elderly mother’s other dresses. I would’ve felt so left out.

And another time…

Many years ago, when my daughter was in middle school, she lost her science book and I bought her another one. Sometime later, told me she had lost it again. She is a very responsible girl and we looked absolutely everywhere but it couldn’t be found. I said to her, “Before you go to bed tonight, just relinquish the whole thing to God and ask for it to be taken care of.”

I was up early the next morning and I heard this little voice in another room say, “Mom, it worked!” I asked, “What worked?” My daughter showed me what had happened. When she woke up, the science book was on her night stand, out in plain sight. It was definitely not there the night before or anywhere else in the house. That was a remarkable and timely outcome!

My daughter went on to be a religious studies major, by the way.

Hopefully, I passed on to my daughter and to your readers, my experience of just completely trusting and realizing I’m going to be OK, no matter what.


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Photo credit: Donna Collins Fine Art, “Jetting a Jump” oil, 24 x 24 inches; and Manifesting 123 on Pinterest

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